Counting Drinks -- Problem C (5 points)

A shop sells either one cup of coffee and one biscuit or one cup of tea and two biscuits. Each line of a file contains the price of these options (the first number being the price of coffee + 1 biscuit and the second tea + 2 biscuits), the total amount of money earned in a day, the total number of biscuits remaining and the initial number of biscuits (all numbers are positive). The price of coffee and one biscuit is always greater than the price of tea and two biscuits. Print out the number of cups of drink (either tea or coffee) sold for that day.

Input will be from a file PROBLEMC.DAT, which will have 5 numbers per line as described above, separated by one or more blanks. The first three numbers will be decimal numbers with two places of decimals, and the remaining two will be integers. The file will be terminated by a line containing five 0s.

Output, which must be written to standard output (the screen), will be one line for each line of input. Each output line must contain the message "The number of drinks sold was N", where N is the number satisfying the conditions of this problem for the data on the corresponding input line. There must be one blank between the word "was" and the number N. You may assume the data provided will be such that there will always be an integer, not more than 1000, which satisfies the conditions of the problem.

Example Input

1.50 1.00 200.00 60 300
0 0 0 0 0 

Example Output

The number of drinks sold was 160