Masood Masoodian

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I am teaching the following courses in 2016:

- COMP224/CGRD224-16A
Visual Design for Interactive Media
- COMP324-16A
Interaction Design
- COMP424/COMP524/CGRD524-16B
Topics in Interaction Design

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My research interests are:

- Visualization
- Interaction Design
- Interactive Media


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I have the following administrative responsibilities:

- FCMS Ethics Committee

Latest news

December 2016
Moving to the Department of Media at Aalto University.

Recent Publications

Laing, S., and Masoodian, M., A Study of the Influence of Visual Imagery on Graphic Design Ideation, Design Studies, Elsevier, Vol. 45, Part B, July, 187-209, (10.1016/j.destud.2016.04.002).
Luz, S., Masoodian, M., Cesario, R. R., and Cesario, M., Using a Serious Game to Promote Community-based Awareness and Prevention of Neglected Tropical Diseases. Entertainment Computing, Elsevier, Vol. 15, June, 43–55, (10.1016/j.entcom.2015.11.001).
Rist, T., Willam, M., Herpich, M., and Masoodian, M., Illustrating Energy Related Properties of Buildings Using an Interactive 3D-InfoKit. Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances, KES International, To appear.
Masoodian, M., and Luz, S., Time-load: Visualization of Energy Consumption Loads over Time. Conference Proceedings of AVI 2016, The 13th ACM International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (Bari, Italy, 7-10 June), ACM Press, 326-327, (10.1145/2909132.2926061).
Masoodian, M., Mohd Yusof, A. b., and Rogers, B., Identifying Problems Associated with Focus and Context Awareness in 3D Modelling Tasks, Interacting with Computers, Oxford University Press. Vol. 28, No. 1, 125-147, (10.1093/iwc/iwu039).
Masoodian, M., Luz, S., and Kavenga, D., nu-view: A Visualization System for Collaborative Co-located Analysis of Geospatial Disease Data. Conference Proceedings of AUIC 2016, The 17th Australasian User Interface Conference (Canberra, Australia, 2-5 February), ACM, 48:1-48:10, (10.1145/2843043.2843374).

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