Dr Simon Spacey


Dr Spacey is an ex-missile scientist with decades of professional experience providing strategic technology consulting to some of the world's largest organisations including HSBC Bank, UBS Bank, Halifax Bank, Thomson Reuters, Bechtel, Diageo, DHL Aviation and others. Dr Spacey is head of the Performance Optimization (PO) Group at and topics in Computer Science including Computer Systems (CS), Computer Architectures (CA), Software Engineering (SWE), and Computational Optimisation (CO).

University Qualifications

Ph.D./D.I.U. Imperial Computer ScienceComputational OptimisationGraduated Early with Systems Prize
Cambridge UniversityComputer ScienceInformation SecurityTop of the Class with the AT&T Prize
J.L.P.Keio UniversityJapanese日本語と日本文化七十点から百点
M.B.A.City Business SchoolBusinessFinanceTop Five Percent Band
D.E.A.Montpellier UniversityElectronics2DEG QT SystemsSpecial Mention
M.Sc.Lancaster UniversitySemiconductor Physics Quantum DevicesTop of the Class
B.Sc.York UniversityNatural SciencesPhysicsHigh Honours

Open Source Projects

Selected Publications

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