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Internet Tutorial, part 4

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What is Hypertext?

Hypertext is information presented as a page which can contain text, pictures, sound, animations, and links to other pages which can be activated by buttons located on a page.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and is the language that most web pages are written in. It provides a standard method for displaying Hypertext. This page is written in HTML and utilises the standard styles of headings, lists and links to other pages. It is possible to write Web pages so that they do not look like standard HTML pages, mostly through the use of pictures and graphics.

Some of the standard features of HTML are:

  • 6 levels of headings,
  • Bold and italics text styles for emphasis,
  • Inclusion of graphics and pictures in with the text,
  • Un-numbered (bulleted) lists like this one,
  • Numbered lists with a choice of 1,2,3..., a,b,c... or i,ii,iii... styles,
  • Tables of information with or without borders,
  • Links to other web pages or resources.
  • Shortcut links to a specific section within a page

Links are shown by a coloured and/or underlined keyword or sentence. They will bring the new page to your screen when clicked on. A picture can also be a link to another page and is usually shown with a coloured border.

The colour of the highlight is different after you have visited a page, so that you do not revisit by accident a page that you have already seen.

To try following a hypertext link, click here to go to the next page.

Hint: Only click once! If you click twice, you will call up a new page with the first click and may end up inadvertently hitting a new link with the second click.


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