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Submissions are now closed.

New papers will not be accepted.
All contact concerning submitted papers should now be conducted via the address


The documents below describe and demonstrate the format required for CHINZ submissions.  You can replace the content with your own to help you follow the formatting rules.  Styles are used to make it easy to adhere to the format.

  1. All submissions must be in one of the formats described and be no longer than 6 pages in length.
  2. Papers should be submitted in an anonymized form (i.e. remove author names, affiliations etc from title page; blank author names in references).
  3. The file containing your submission should be named using the first name and surname of the author submitting the paper (contact person), e.g. firstname_surname.doc
  4. Send a separate email containing the following information: names and affiliations of all the authors, contact details including the email and postal address of one of the authors acting as the contact person.


Properly formatted papers can be submitted electronically by email to for peer review.  Alternatively, you may use FTP to deposit papers at  Note that this is a write only FTP site, so you will not be able to see what you have placed in it.  FTP submissions should be accompanied by an email to the submissions address.

Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

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