Machine Learning at the University of Waikato

Machine learning serves an important role in artificial intelligence by giving software the ability to learn from observations, enabling it to adapt its behaviour, provide predictions, and give users insight into observed data. The University of Waikato has a long history in machine learning research and its applications, particularly in the agricultural sector. Waikato staff have a history of more than 25 years publishing research in the top machine learning conferences and journals in the world and have established a strong reputation internationally. The machine learning group is well known for a number of widely-used open-source software systems such as WEKA, MOA, and ADAMS.

The work of the machine learning group forms part of the wider Waikato AI Initiative. The initiative's website has a wealth of information on case studies concerning the use of machine learning in practical applications, covers relevant news and events, and provides a list of staff involved in machine learning research.

Waikato AI Initiative

The Waikato AI Initiative (WAI) at the University of Waikato undertakes multi-disciplinary artificial intelligence research across a range of applications.