MILK: A Multi-Instance Learning Kit in Java

Note: The algorithms in MILK are now available from within WEKA (3.5 branch). This became possible due to the introduction of relation-valued attributes in WEKA. Thus MILK as a separate entity has become obsolete.

MILK provides an environment for implementing and comparing multi-instance learning algorithms. It is heavily based on WEKA and requires WEKA 3.4 to run. MILK includes several learning algorithms for multi-instance problems, a tool for visualizing multi-instance data, and a GUI (derived from the WEKA Experimenter) that makes it easy to compare different learning algorithms on multi-instance datasets.

The MILK distribution

Here is Most of MILK has been written by Xin Xu and a description of many of the algorithms in MILK can be found in his MSc thesis. MILK is relased under the GNU General Public License.

Please contact Eibe Frank if you would like to contribute code to MILK or if you have a bug fix.

Multi-instance Data in MILK-format

Note that more datasets in this format are available here.