Getting Help

In addition to consulting the online documentation for Weka, try searching a mailing list archive or community forum using the box below to check whether a solution to your problem has already been posted there. Please consult these sources of information before posting a query on the Weka mailing list or elsewhere online.

Wekalist archives Nabble mirror Old forum at Pentaho New forum at Hitachi Vantara Info at StackOverflow

Please do not email individual members of our machine learning group about Weka problems.

Bug reports

Bug reports can be send to the Weka mailing list or posted at the JIRA.

The Weka mailing list

When posting questions, comments, or bug reports to the Weka mailing list, consider the mailing list etiquette.

Hitachi Vantara's live forum for Weka

Hitachi Vantara provides a live forum for interaction among Weka project community members.

IRC channel for discussing Weka

##weka on freenode.