WEKA Packages

IMPORTANT: make sure there are no old versions of Weka (<3.7.2) in your CLASSPATH before starting Weka

Installation of Packages

A GUI package manager is available from the "Tools" menu of the GUIChooser

java -jar weka.jar

For a command line package manager type:
java weka.core.WekaPackageManager -h

Running packaged algorithms from the command line

java weka.Run [algorithm name]

Substring matching is also supported. E.g. try:

java weka.Run Bayes

Available Packages (193)

AffectiveTweetsText classificationText Filter for Sentiment Analysis of tweets
AnDEClassificationAveraged N-Dependence Estimators (includes A1DE and A2DE)
AnalogicalModelingClassificationAnalogical Modeling
ArabicStemmers_LightStemmersPreprocessingArabic Stemmer / Light Stemmer
Auto-WEKAClassification, Regression, Attribute SelectionAutomatically find the best model and parameters for a dataset.
CAARRegression, Ensemble learningContext Aware Case-Based Regression Learner
CHIRPClassificationCHIRP: A new classifier based on Composite Hypercubes on Iterated Random Projections
CLOPEClusteringCLOPE: a fast and effective clustering algorithm for transactional data
CVAttributeEvalAttribute selectionAn Variation degree Algorithm to explore the space of attributes.
DMNBtextText classificationClass for building and using a Discriminative Multinomial Naive Bayes classifier
DTNBClassificationClass for building and using a decision table/naive Bayes hybrid classifier.
DilcaDistanceDistance Learning distance measure for categorical data
DistributionBasedBalancePreprocessingDistribution-based balancing of datasets
EAR4Regression, Ensemble learningCase-Based Regression Learner
EBMCClassificationEfficient Bayesian Multivariate Classifier
EMImputationPreprocessingReplaces missing numeric values using Expectation Maximization with a multivariate normal model.
EvolutionarySearchAttribute selectionAn Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) to explore the space of attributes.
GPAttributeGenerationClassification, PreprocessingGenetic Programming Attribute Generation
HMMClassification, Multiinstance, SequenceHidden Markov Model
IBkLGClassificationLog and Gaussian kernel for K-NN
IPCPVisualizationInterative Parallel Coordinates Plot
IWSSAttribute selectionIncremental Wrapper Subset Selection
IWSSembeddedNBAttribute selectionIncremental Wrapper Subset Selection with embedded NB classifier
J48ConsolidatedClassificationClass for generating a pruned or unpruned C45 consolidated tree
J48graftClassificationClass for generating a grafted (pruned or unpruned) C4.5 decision tree
JCDTClassification, RegressionJava Credal Decision Tree (JCDT)
JDBCDriversDummyPackageMiscDummy package that provides a place to drop JDBC driver jar files so that they get loaded by the system.
LVQClusteringCluster data using the Learning Vector Quantization algorithm.
LibLINEARClassificationA wrapper class for the liblinear classifier
LibSVMClassification, RegressionA wrapper class for the libsvm tools
MODLEMClassification, Ensemble learningMODLEM rule algorithm
MTreeClustererClusteringMTree Clusterer
MultiObjectiveEvolutionarySearchAttribute selectionAn Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm (MOEA) to explore the attribute space.
NNgeClassificationNearest-neighbor-like algorithm using non-nested generalized exemplars (which are hyperrectangles that can be viewed as if-then rules)
OpenmlWekaClassification, ExperimenterOpenml Weka
PSOSearchAttribute selectionAn implementation of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm to explore the space of attributes.
RBFNetworkClassification/regressionClasses that implement radial basis function networks.
RPluginR integrationExecute R Scripts
RankCorrelationMetricsRank Correlation Evaluation Metrics
RankerByDTClassificationClassification, VisualizationRanker Based on Decision Tree Classification
RerankingSearchAttribute selectionMeta-Search algorithm which performs a Hybrid feature selection based on re-ranking
RseslibClassificationRough Sets and Analogy-Based Reasoning
SMOTEPreprocessingResamples a dataset by applying the Synthetic Minority Oversampling TEchnique (SMOTE).
SPegasosClassificationImplements the stochastic variant of the Pegasos (Primal Estimated sub-GrAdient SOlver for SVM) method of Shalev-Shwartz et al. (2007).
SSFAttribute SelectionSimplified Silhouette Filter
SVMAttributeEvalAttribute selectionEvaluates the worth of an attribute by using an SVM classifier.
SelfOrganizingMapClusteringCluster data using the Kohonen's Self-Organizing Map algorithm.
SparseGenerativeModelText classificationSparse Generative Model
StudentFiltersPreprocessingStudent Filters
TPPVisualizationTargeted Projection Pursuit
WekaExcelConverterWEKA MS Excel loader/saver
WekaODFConverterWEKA ODF loader/saver
XMeansClusteringCluster data using the X-means algorithm.
alternatingDecisionTreesClassificationBinary-class alternating decision trees and multi-class alternating decision trees.
alternatingModelTreesRegressionAlternating Model Trees
anonymizationPackagePreprocessingA Filter to apply k-anonymization and l-diversity
arxAnonymizerPreprocessingARX Anonymization Filter
associationRulesVisualizerVisualizationA visualization component for displaying association rules that uses a modified version of the Association Rules Viewer from DESS IAGL of Lille.
attributeSelectionSearchMethodsAttribute selectionFour search methods for attribute selection: ExhaustiveSearch, GeneticSearch, RandomSearch and RankSearch.
baggedLocalOutlierFactorOutlierFilter implementing the Bagged LOF outlier/anomaly detection algorithm.
bayesianLogisticRegressionText classificationImplements Bayesian Logistic Regression for both Gaussian and Laplace Priors
bestFirstTreeClassificationClass for building a best-first decision tree classifier.
cascadeKMeansClusteringk-means clustering with automatic selection of k
cassandraConvertersConvertersLoader and saver for the cassandra NoSQL database
chiSquaredAttributeEvalAttribute selectionAttribute evaluator that evaluates the worth of an attribute by computing the value of the chi-squared statistic with respect to the class.
citationKNNMulti-instance learningModified version of the Citation kNN multi instance classifier
classAssociationRulesAssociationsClass association rules algorithms (including an implementation of the CBA algorithm).
classificationViaClusteringClassificationA simple meta-classifier that uses a clusterer for classification.
classificationViaRegressionClassificationClass for doing classification using regression methods.
classifierBasedAttributeSelectionAttribute selectionA subset evaluator and an attribute evaluator for evaluating the merit of subsets and single attributes respectively using a classifier.
classifierErrorsVisualizationA visualization component for displaying errors from numeric schemes using the JMathTools library.
clojureClassifierClassificationWrapper classifiers for classifiers implemented in the Clojure programming language
complementNaiveBayesClassificationClass for building and using a Complement class Naive Bayes classifier.
conjunctiveRuleClassificationThis class implements a single conjunctive rule learner that can predict for numeric and nominal class labels.
consistencySubsetEvalAttribute selectionEvaluates the worth of a subset of attributes by the level of consistency in the class values when the training instances are projected onto the subset of attributes.
costSensitiveAttributeSelectionAttribute selectionTwo meta attribute selection evaluators (one attribute-based and the other subset-based) for performing cost-sensitive attribute selection.
daggingEnsemble learningThis meta classifier creates a number of disjoint, stratified folds out of the data and feeds each chunk of data to a copy of the supplied base classifier.
decorateEnsemble learningDECORATE is a meta-learner for building diverse ensembles of classifiers by using specially constructed artificial training examples
denormalizePreprocessingAn instance filter that collapses instances with a common grouping ID value into a single instance.
discriminantAnalysisClassificationClasses for linear and quadratic discriminant analysis
distributedWekaBaseDistributedGeneric configuration classes and distributed map/reduce type tasks for Weka
distributedWekaHadoopDistributedHadoop wrappers for Weka
distributedWekaHadoop2DistributedHadoop 2 wrappers for Weka
distributedWekaHadoop2LibsDistributedHadoop 2.x libraries for distributedWekaHadoop
distributedWekaHadoopCoreDistributedCore Hadoop wrappers for Weka
distributedWekaHadoopLibsDistributedHadoop 1.x libraries for distributedWekaHadoop
distributedWekaSparkDistributedSpark wrappers for Weka
distributedWekaSparkDevDistributedSpark wrappers for Weka
elasticNetRegressionAn implementation of the elastic net method for linear regression
ensembleLibraryEnsemble learningManages a libary of ensemble classifiers
ensemblesOfNestedDichotomiesEnsemble learningA meta classifier for handling multi-class datasets with 2-class classifiers by building an ensemble of nested dichotomies.
extraTreesClassificationPackage for generating a single Extra-Tree
fastCorrBasedFSAttribute selectionFeature selection method based on correlation measureand relevance and redundancy analysis
filteredAttributeSelectionAttribute selectionTwo meta attribute selection evaluators (one attribute-based and the other subset-based) for filtering data before performing attribute selection.
functionalTreesClassificationClassifier for learning Functional Trees
fuzzyLaticeReasoningClassificationThe Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning Classifier uses the notion of Fuzzy Lattices for creating a Reasoning Environment
fuzzyUnorderedRuleInductionClassificationFuzzy Unordered Rule Induction Algorithm
gaussianProcessesRegressionImplements Gaussian Processes for regression without hyperparameter-tuning.
generalizedSequentialPatternsAssociationsClass implementing a GSP algorithm for discovering sequential patterns in a sequential data set
gradingEnsemble learningImplements Grading. The base classifiers are "graded".
graphgramClustering, VisualizationGraphGram - Visualization for Clusterings
gridSearchClassificationPerforms a grid search of parameter pairs for the a classifier.
hiddenNaiveBayesClassificationContructs Hidden Naive Bayes classification model with high classification accuracy and AUC
hiveJDBCMiscA package containing the JDBC driver and dependencies for the Apache Hive database, along with a DatabaseUtils.props file for use with Weka.
hotSpotAssociationsHotSpot learns a set of rules (displayed in a tree-like structure) that maximize/minimize a target variable/value of interest.
hyperPipesClassificationClass implementing a HyperPipe classifier.
imageFiltersPreprocessingA package that contains filters to process image files.
isolationForestOutlierClass for building and using a classifier built on the Isolation Forest anomaly detection algorithm.
isotonicRegressionRegressionLearns an isotonic regression model.
iterativeAbsoluteErrorRegressionRegressionA meta learner that fits a regression model to minimize absolute error.
jfreechartOffscreenRendererKnowledgeFlowOffscreen chart renderer plugin for the Knowledge Flow that uses JFreeChart
jsonFieldExtractorKnowledge FlowExtract fields from repeating JSON structures.
kernelLogisticRegressionClassificationA package that contains a class to train a two-class kernel logistic regression model.
kfGroovyKnowledgeFlowA Knowledge Flow plugin that provides a Knowledge Flow step that wraps around a Groovy script.
kfKettleKnowledgeFlowA Knowledge Flow plugin that serves as a data source for data coming from the Kettle ETL tool.
kfPMMLClassifierScoringKnowledgeFlowA Knowledge Flow plugin that provides a Knowledge Flow step for scoring test sets or instance streams using a PMML classifier.
largeScaleKernelLearningPreprocessingA package that contains filters for large-scale kernel-based learning
latentSemanticAnalysisPreprocessingPerforms latent semantic analysis and transformation of the data
lazyAssociativeClassifierClassificationLazy Associative Classifier
lazyBayesianRulesClassificationLazy Bayesian Rules Classifier
leastMedSquaredRegressionImplements a least median squared linear regression utilizing the existing weka LinearRegression class to form predictions.
levenshteinEditDistanceDistance measureComputes the Levenshtein edit distance between two strings
linearForwardSelectionAttribute selectionExtension of BestFirst that takes a restricted number of k attributes into account.
localOutlierFactorOutlierFilter implementing the Local Outlier Factor (LOF) outlier/anomaly detection algorithm.
logarithmicErrorMetricsMetricsRoot mean square logarithmic error and mean absolute logarithmic error
massiveOnlineAnalysisData streamsMOA (Massive On-line Analysis).
metaCostClassificationThis metaclassifier makes its base classifier cost-sensitive using Pedro Domingo's method.
metaphorSearchMethodsAttribute selectionAn implementation of metaphor search methods to explore the space of attributes.
multiBoostABEnsemble learningClass for boosting a classifier using the MultiBoosting method.
multiInstanceFiltersPreprocessingA collection of filters for manipulating multi-instance data.
multiInstanceLearningMulti-instance learningA collection of multi-instance learning classifiers.
multiLayerPerceptronsClassification/regression, PreprocessingThis package currently contains classes for training multilayer perceptrons with one hidden layer for classification and regression, and autoencoders.
multilayerPerceptronCSClassificationAn extension of the standard MultilayerPerceptron classifier in Weka that adds context-sensitive Multiple Task Learning (csMTL)
multisearchClassificationMultiSearch Parameter Optimization
naiveBayesTreeClassificationClass for generating a decision tree with naive Bayes classifiers at the leaves.
netlibNativeLinuxLinear Algebranetlib-java wrappers and native libraries for BLAS, LAPACK and ARPACK under Linux
netlibNativeOSXLinear Algebranetlib-java wrappers and native libraries for BLAS, LAPACK and ARPACK under OS X
netlibNativeWindowsLinear Algebranetlib-java wrappers and native libraries for BLAS, LAPACK and ARPACK under Windows
newKnowledgeFlowStepExamplesExamplesExample Step implementations for the new Knowledge Flow, as described in the Weka manual
niftiLoaderConverterPackage for loading a directory with MRI data in NIfTI format into WEKA
normalizePreprocessingAn instance filter that normalize instances considering only numeric attributes and ignoring class index
oneClassClassifierClassificationPerforms one-class classification on a dataset.
optics_dbScanClusteringThe OPTICS and DBSCAN clustering algorithms
ordinalClassClassifierClassificationMeta classifier that allows standard classification algorithms to be applied to ordinal class problems.
ordinalLearningMethodClassificationAn implementation of the Ordinal Learning Method (OLM)
ordinalStochasticDominanceClassificationAn implementation of the Ordinal Stochastic Dominance Learner
paceRegressionRegressionClass for building pace regression linear models and using them for prediction.
partialLeastSquaresPreprocessingPartial least squares filter and classifier for performing PLS regression.
percentageErrorMetricsMetricsRoot mean square percentage error and mean absolute percentage error
predictiveAprioriAssociationsClass implementing the predictive apriori algorithm for mining association rules.
prefuseGraphVisualizationA visualization component for displaying graphs that uses the prefuse visualization toolkit.
prefuseGraphViewerKnowledgeFlowA Knowledge Flow visualization component for displaying trees and graphs that uses the prefuse visualization toolkit.
prefuseTreeVisualizationA visualization component for displaying trees that uses the prefuse visualization toolkit.
probabilisticSignificanceAEAttribute SelectionEvaluates the worth of an attribute by computing the Probabilistic Significance as a two-way function
raceSearchAttribute SelectionRaces the cross validation error of competing attribute subsets.
racedIncrementalLogitBoostEnsemble learningClassifier for incremental learning of large datasets by way of racing logit-boosted committees.
realAdaBoostEnsemble learningClass for boosting a 2-class classifier using the Real Adaboost method.
regressionByDiscretizationRegressionA regression scheme that employs any classifier on a copy of the data that has the class attribute (equal-width) discretized.
ridorClassificationAn implementation of a RIpple-DOwn Rule learner.
rotationForestEnsemble learningEnsembles of decision trees trained on rotated subsamples of the training data.
sasLoaderConverterSAS sas7bdat file reader
scatterPlot3DVisualizationA visualization component for displaying a 3D scatter plot of the data using Java 3D.
scriptingClassifiersClassificationWrapper classifiers for Jython and Groovy scripting code.
sequentialInformationalBottleneckClustererClusteringCluster data using the sequential information bottleneck algorithm.
simpleCARTClassificationClass implementing minimal cost-complexity pruning.
simpleEducationalLearningSchemesClassificationSimple learning schemes for educational purposes (Prism, Id3, IB1 and NaiveBayesSimple).
snowball-stemmersPreprocessingSnowball stemmers
stackingCEnsemble learningImplements StackingC (more efficient version of stacking)
streamingUnivariateStatsKnowledgeFlowA Knowledge Flow step to compute summary statistics incrementally
supervisedAttributeScalingPreprocessingA simple filter to rescale attributes to reflect their discriminative power.
tabuAndScatterSearchAttribute selectionSearch methods contributed by Adrian Pino (ScatterSearchV1, TabuSearch)
tertiusAssociationsFinds rules according to confirmation measure (Tertius-type algorithm)
thresholdSelectorClassificationA metaclassifier that selecting a mid-point threshold on the probability output by a Classifier.
timeSeriesFiltersFilters, Time SeriesTime Series Filters
timeseriesForecastingTime seriesTime series forecasting environment.
userClassifierClassification/regressionInteractively classify through visual means.
vfdrClassification, Online learningVFDR algorithm
vinesDensity EstimationRegular Vines
votingFeatureIntervalsClassificationClassification by voting feature intervals.
waveletPreprocessingA filter for wavelet transformation.
wekaDeeplearning4jClassification/RegressionWeka wrappers for Deeplearning4j
wekaDeeplearning4jCPUClassification/RegressionWeka wrappers for Deeplearning4j
wekaDeeplearning4jCPULibsClassification/RegressionCPU native libraries for wekaDeeplearning4j
wekaDeeplearning4jCoreClassification/RegressionWeka wrappers for Deeplearning4j
wekaDeeplearning4jGPUClassification/RegressionWeka wrappers for Deeplearning4j
wekaDeeplearning4jGPULibsClassification/RegressionGPU native libraries for wekaDeeplearning4j
wekaPythonPython integrationProvides integration with CPython in Weka.
wekaServerServerSimple server for executing Weka tasks.
winnowClassificationImplements Winnow and Balanced Winnow algorithms by Littlestone