JCDT: Java Credal Decision Tree (JCDT)

Author:Joaquín Abellán <jabellan{[at]}decsai.ugr.es>, Andrés Masegosa <andrew{[at]}decsai.ugr.es>, Javier G. Castellano <fjgc{[at]}decsai.ugr.es>
Maintainer:Javier G. Castellano <fjgc{[at]}decsai.ugr.es>

Java Credal Decision Tree (JCDT). Decision tree learner based on imprecise probabilities and uncertainty measures.
  For more information refer to:
    Joaquín Abellán and Serafín Moral.
    Building classification trees using the total uncertainty criterion.
    International Journal of Intelligent Systems 18.12 (2003) 1215-1225.
    doi: 10.1002/int.10143

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