anonymizationPackage: A Filter to apply k-anonymization and l-diversity

Author:Matthias Niemann <matthias.niemann{[at]}>,Daniel Rotar <daniel.rotar{[at]}>,Maximilian Schr�der <schroedm{[at]}>
Maintainer:Matthias Niemann <matthias.niemann{[at]}>,Daniel Rotar <daniel.rotar{[at]}>,Maximilian Schr�der <schroedm{[at]}>

This package contains an anonymization-filter, that is used as a preprocessing-tool. To make sure, no human being can be identified by the quasi-identifiers that occur in the data, one can perform an anonymization. The kind of anonymization is variable, as well as the strength. Therefore the datafly-algorithm is used. Mostly, it will not find the optimal solution, but it is the fastest. For l-diversity, there is a modified datafly-algorithm applied, that generalizes data as long as the l-diversity-criterion is not fulfilled.

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