distributedWekaHadoop2: Hadoop 2 wrappers for Weka

Author:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}pentaho.com>
Maintainer:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}pentaho.com>

Provides loaders and savers for HDFS, plus Hadoop jobs and tasks that wrap the tasks provided in distributedWekaBase. Either this package or distributedWekaHadoop should be installed, but not both. Which one you choose depends on whether you are running Hadoop 1.x or 2.x. This package will cause distributedWekaBase, distributedWekaHadoopCore and distributedWekaHadoopLibs2 to be installed. The later contains client libraries for Apache Hadoop 2.x. If you are running against a different distribution then these libraries will need to be replaced with the client hadoop libraries from your distribution.

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