Author:Bernhard Pfahringer, Geoff Holmes and Peter Reutemann
Changes:Removed filter configuration because FilteredClassifier should be used instead. This also simplifies configuration. Made SMOreg default learner being optimized. Made command-line defaults and GUI defaults consistent. Now reads default settings for all options from a properties file (included with the main package jar file): weka/classifiers/meta/GridSearch.props. This file can be copied, altered and placed in ${WEKA_HOME}/props if desired.
Depends:weka (>=3.7.12)
Description:Performs a grid search of parameter pairs for a classifier and chooses the best pair found for the actual predicting.

The initial grid is worked on with 2-fold CV to determine the values of the parameter pairs for the selected type of evaluation (e.g., accuracy). The best point in the grid is then taken and a 10-fold CV is performed with the adjacent parameter pairs. If a better pair is found, then this will act as new center and another 10-fold CV will be performed (kind of hill-climbing). This process is repeated until no better pair is found or the best pair is on the border of the grid.
In case the best pair is on the border, one can let GridSearch automatically extend the grid and continue the search. Check out the properties 'gridIsExtendable' (option '-extend-grid') and 'maxGridExtensions' (option '-max-grid-extensions <num>').

GridSearch can handle doubles, integers (values are just cast to int) and booleans (0 is false, otherwise true). float, char and long are supported as well.

The best classifier setup can be accessed after the buildClassifier call via the getBestClassifier methods.
License:GPL 3.0
Maintainer:Weka team <wekalist{[at]}>