Author:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}>
Category:Time series
Changes:This release fixes a bug in the plotting of future forecasts when an artificial time stamp is used. It now also checks that defaults for lag lengths for various periodicities do not exceed the number of instances in the data.
Depends:weka (>=3.7.3)
Description:Provides a time series forecasting environment for Weka. Includes a wrapper for Weka regression schemes that automates the process of creating lagged variables and date-derived periodic variables and provides the ability to do closed-loop forecasting. New evaluation routines are provided by a special evaluation module and graphing of predictions/forecasts are provided via the JFreeChart library. Includes both command-line and GUI user interfaces. Sample time series data can be found in ${WEKA_HOME}/packages/timeseriesForecasting/sample-data.
License:LGPL 2.1
Maintainer:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}>