Author:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}>
Category:Time series
Changes:This release adds a few more pre-defined date-derived periodic attributes. It also adds the ability to load/save selected periodic attribute definitions from/to a file.
Depends:weka (>=3.7.3)
Description:Provides a time series forecasting environment for Weka. Includes a wrapper for Weka regression schemes that automates the process of creating lagged variables and date-derived periodic variables and provides the ability to do closed-loop forecasting. New evaluation routines are provided by a special evaluation module and graphing of predictions/forecasts are provided via the JFreeChart library. Includes both command-line and GUI user interfaces. Sample time series data can be found in ${WEKA_HOME}/packages/timeseriesForecasting/sample-data.
License:LGPL 2.1
Maintainer:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}>