Completed Postgraduate Research

Student Research TopicYear
Bahiss, Khadija A serious game to provide social skills training for people with Asperger's Syndrome/High-Functioning Autism 2021
Zhao, Can Using object biography metadata to create artefact interactions outside memory institutions 2021
Daoud, Maisa Autoencoder-based techniques for improved classification in settings with high dimensional and small sized data 2020
Jaidka, Sapna Formal modelling and analysis of safety-critical Interactive systems using Coloured Petri Nets 2020
Sanger, Richard An algorithmic approach to OpenFlow ruleset transformation 2020
Garae, Jeffery Cyber security visualization effectiveness 2019
Gouk, Henry Learning discrete and Lipschitz representations 2019
König, Jemma Automating vocabulary tests and enriching online courses for language learners 2019
Leathart, Tim Tree-structured multiclass probability estimators 2019
Pilbrow, Colin Characterising sound visualisations of specifications using refinement 2019
Turner, Jessica Supporting interactive system testing with interaction sequences 2019
Weng, Min-Hsien (Sam) Efficient compilation of a verification-friendly progamming language 2019
Will, Mark Privacy-preserving encoding for cloud computing 2019
Laing, Simon The role of images in support of graphic design ideation 2018
Mato, Paora Ma te hangarau te oranga o te reo Māori e tautoko ai? Can technology support the long-term health of the Māori language? 2018
Nemhauser, Bryce Spatial hypermedia as a programming environment 2018
Suppers, Joris Impacts of new technologies on household electricity demand: From an individual household, a community, and a national perspective 2018
Timpany, Claire Typographic emphasis of headings: methods of typographic emphasis to assist with search of unfamiliar and familiar text 2018
Bravo Márquez, Felipe Acquiring and exploiting lexical knowledge for Twitter sentiment analysis 2017
Chang, Su-Ping A mobile augmented memory aid for people with traumatic brain injury 2017
Eichler, Stephen Implementing Internet topology analysis with emphasis on load balancers and using large numbers of vantage points 2017
Monigatti, Paul Smart charging strategies for electric vehicles utilising non-dispatchable renewable electricity generation 2017
Tan, Alan Yu Shyang Data provenance from data 2017
Shiblaq, Fouad Localization provision in New Zealand: Arabic speakers' preference for different paralingual webpage layouts 2016
Vanderschantz, Nicholas KidsQuestions: Assisting children's digital information seeking 2016
Walmsley, Michael Learner modelling for individualised reading in a second language 2016
Kasi, Mumraiz Semantic in-network complex event processing for an energy efficient wireless sensor network 2015
Puurula, Antti Scalable text mining with sparse generative models 2015
Rinck, Michael Document DNA: Distributed content-centered provenance data tracking 2015
Thompson, John A predictive model for the parallel processing of digital libraries 2015
Sun, Quan Meta-learning and the full model selection problem 2014
Ware, Simon On conflicts in concurrent systems 2014
Löf, Andreas Improving the evaluation of network anomaly detection using a data fusion approach 2013
McDonald, Ian Improving the quality of real time media applications through Sending the Best Packet Next 2013
Mohd Yusof, Azmi bin Supporting focus and context awareness in 3D modeling using multi-layered displays 2013
Sarjant, Sam Policy Search Based Relational Reinforcement Learning using the Cross-Entropy Method 2013
Zhang, Edmond Yiwen Improving Bags-of-Words model for object categorization 2013
Bartels, Sam Development of wireless network planning software for rural community use 2012
Blake, Anthony Computing the fast fourier transform on SIMD microprocessors 2012
Gaukrodger, Howard Providing computer-assisted, two-way feedback in formative assessment: an innovation supporting best educational practice 2012
Raynel, Scott Hidden terminal detection in wide-area 802.11 wireless networks 2012
Taube-Schock, Craig Patterns of change: can modifiable software have high coupling? 2012
Huang, Lan (Anna) Concept-based text clustering 2011
Jervis, Matthew Supporting tangible user interaction with integrated paper and electronic document management systems 2011
Mutter, Stefan Sequence-based protein classification: binary Profile Hidden Markov Models and propositionalisation 2011
Schweer, Andrea Augmenting autobiographical memory: an approach based on cognitive psychology 2011
Krishnan, Aparna Pervasive personal information spaces 2010
Liesaputra, Veronica Realistic electronic books 2010
Milne, David Applying Wikipedia to interactive information retrieval 2010
Read, Jesse Scalable multi-label classification 2010
Wu, Shaoqun Supporting collocation learning 2010
Anderson, Grant Random relational rules 2009
Hempstalk, Kathryn Continuous typist verification using machine learning 2009
Jung, Doris Specifying single-user and collaborative profiles for alerting systems 2009
Medelyan, Olena Human-competitive automatic topic indexing 2009
Schmidberger, Gabriele Tree-based density estimation: algorithms and applications 2009
Bittner, Sven General Boolean expressions in publish-subscribe systems 2008
Bowen, Judy Formal models and refinement for graphical user interface design 2008
Catchpole, Jason Adaptive vision based scene registration for outdoor augmented reality 2008
Jansen, Sam Network simulation cradle 2008
Kirkby, Richard Improving Hoeffding Trees 2008
Lin, Chi-San Althon Syntax-driven argument identification and multi-argument classification for semantic role labeling 20078
Armstrong, Dean Easing the transition from inspiration to implementation: A rapid prototyping platform for wireless medium access control protocols 2007
Genet, Bryan Is semantic query optimization worthwhile? 2007
Keegan, Te Taka Indigenous language usage in a digital library: he hautoa kia ora tonu ai 2007
Luckie, Matthew Per hop internet measurement protocols 2007
McPherson, John Coordinating knowledge to improve optical music recognition 2007
Olsson, Anette Understanding and enhancing customer-agent-computer interaction in a customer service setting 2007
Chou, Lin-Yi Improving the performance of hierarchical hidden Markov models on information extraction 2006
Hawthorn, Daniel Designing effective interfaces for older users 2006
Yeates, Stuart Text agumentation: inserting markup into natural language text with PPM models 2006
Clayton, Roger Compilation of bottom-up evaluation for a pure logic programming language 2005
Reeve, Greg A refinement theory for μ-charts 2005
Plimmer, Beryl Using shared displays to support group design: a study of the use of informal user interface designs when learning to program 2004
McWha, David Controlling speculative execution through a virtually ordered memory system 2003
Donnelly, Stephen High precision timing in passive measurements of data networks 2002
Yeo, Alvin Exploring usability evaluation of localised software in Malaysia 2002
Wang, Yong A new approach to fitting linear models in high dimensional spaces 2001
Wong, Derek A distributed adaptive debugger server 2001
Carnegie, Dale Speech analysis and synthesis using an auditory model 2000
Day, Greg Clinical-view versus ELM: an investigation into image types in the context of skin lesion screening 2000
Frank, Eibe Pruning decision trees and lists 2000
Littin, Richard The design and evaluation of an optimistic CPU - the WarpEngine 2000
Paynter, Gordon Automating iterative tasks with programming by demonstration 2000
Smith, Anthony N-gram models of agreement in language 2000
Hall, Mark Correlation-based feature selection for machine learning 1999
Inglis, Stuart Lossless document image compression 1999
McGregor, Tony Block-based distributed file systems 1997
Teahan, William Modelling English text 1997
Trigg, Len Designing similarity functions 1997
Irvine, Sean Compression and cryptology 1996
Masoodian, Masood Human-to-human communication support for computer-based shared workspace collaboration 1996
Melchert, Matthew Paul Analysing communication patterns in CSP processes using channel graphs 1996
Nevill-Manning, Craig Inferring sequential structure 1996
Humphrey, Matthew A graphical notation for the design of information visualisations 1995
Tian, Yong Qian Reliable distributed computing in parallel processing systems 1994
McQueen, Robert J. The effect of voice input on information exchange in computer supported asynchronous group communication 1991
Krishnamurthy, Venu Instruction systolic arrays for exact parallel linear algebraic computation 1988
Student Research TopicYear
Griffiths, Christopher Investigating the use of wearable technology to support safety in the workplace 2018
Turner, Emmanuel Adaptive user interfaces for the semantic web 2018
Hunkin, Paul Distributed operating systems on wireless sensor networks 2017
Wen, YingYing Text mining using HMM and PPM 2001
Cheng, Lanying Fast similarity search of time series databases 2000
Hart, Rohan Experimental comparisons of optimisation techniques: computer optimisation of dairy farm management 1997
Hall, Louise Learning behaviour in computer science: a study of the learning preferences and viewing behaviour of first-year Computer Science students using an interactive Hypercard tutorial 1994
Wheadon, Robert Interference models of a network monitoring tool 1992
Smith, Darryl Searching contiguous lists derived from level-ordered complete N-ary trees 1989
Pracy, Martin A database architecture to support dynamic, interactive models of chronic disease 1983
Student Research TopicYear
Simmons, Rowan It’s not a kind of magic: An exploration of the use of generative technologies in NZ graphic design practice 2021
Chen, Zhenghua (Diana) 3D holographic display on New Zealand bird conservation 2020
Egan, James How a singular IoT dashboard UI may benefit the differing technical abilities of citizen scientist users 2020
Kennedy, Nikki What is Māori typography? 2020
San, Vouchleang Readers’ perceptions of typographic presentation in bilingual picturebooks 2020
Sijnja, Nicole Preferences of a mobile consumer: Consumer preferences in product listing page layouts of eCommerce websites 2020
Srivastava, Ivanshi The future of smart glasses in the gaming industry 2020
Wu, Xiaohui (Elsa) Interface design for public welfare websites 2020
Zheng, Shuoqi (Rebecca) An investigation of emotional response to VR typography 2020
Zhong, Chaoqun (Nicole) Measuring the user experience of a Smart Light Mobile Application 2020
Zou, Qianyuan (Zac) Humanistic concern in interaction design 2020
Alshehab, Mosaed The effects of westernising the Arabic typefaces - A readability case study 2019
Falconer, Chelsea What types of messages do females communicate visually in MMO games? 2019
Fu, Xiaoya (Tracy) Using virtual reality for visual communication: an investigation of type arrangement in virtual reality 2019
Ji, Zheyu Contemporary take on Celadon pattern design 2019
Jones, Emma Assisting older adults with mobile social networking 2019
Liu, Yan The movement of Fluxus in the 21st Century 2019
Pan, Xin A framework for evaluating presence in VR narrative games 2019
Porter, Rowan Possible effects of moodboarding in virtual reality for visual communication design 2019
Shen, Tong Minimising data entry errors for custom tags in a citizen science audio tagging interface 2019
Li, Xinyi (Layla) Natural gestural interfaces of mobile applications 2018
Lu, Yuqin (Aisha) Buttons in an E-reader 2018
Mo, Ziheng An investigation in creating symbols that retain the essence of Chinese character using unconventional grid system in Chinese calligraphy style 2018
Shang, Yuhan (Michelle) User experience (UX) study on young mobile shoppers 2018
Yang, Zhiqin (Cheer) Improving music player user experiences through button placement 2018
Zhou, Delong (Joe) Illustrations in tourism brochures 2018
Feng, Chun User preferences for the design of interfaces for library search pages 2017
Huang, Jiao How interface elements for page turning in ebooks affect reader preference 2017
Kennedy, Finn Prosocial rewards in competitive games 2017
Robinson, Alex Influencing play through design: the avatar 2016
Hou, Jianting Eva Narrative beyond artefact in exhibition design 2014 (MMCT)
Wright, Kristy A comparison of children's books: Picture books versus physically and intellectually adaptive interactive children's books 2014 (MMCT)
Faber, Mary Modernity in the margins: a study of the introduction of typographic modernity in New Zealand, 1920-1940 2011
Mikaere, Emily How favourable attitudes are formed when the semantic associations of a logotype are congruent with brand personality 2011
Kea, Bonnie Cultural appropriation and Cook Island visual identity 2009
Lu, Meng-Hsuan Amanda The exploration of static typography for expressing the emotive qualities of music 2009
Student Research TopicYear
Cleland, Benjamin Reinforcement learning for racecar control 2006
Ke, Kuan-Yu Document level interoperability of Greenstone digital library 2006
Kozuka, Takanori Taught papers only 2006
Cheng, Tzu-Chiang (Stephen) Automatic evaluation of XML-based user interface 2005
Huang, Hai MAC Implementation for IEEE 802.11b Wireless NIC 2005
Jaballah, Imene Digital libraries for personal information management 2005
Warren, Nigel Musition: pedestrian GPS navigation via continuously adapted music 2005
Baker, Jesse Towards solving the correspondence problem with 3D visual landmarks 2004
Chu, Yi-Chun (Jack) 3-D book visualizer in digital library 2004
Chung, Shao-Lin Joseph Improving mobile IPV6 performance across handovers 2004
Cockerton, Craig An efficient method for streaming H.323 videoconferences 2004
Hunt, Rachael Adding a thesaurus to the Greenstone digital library 2004
Jiang, Chuan Taught papers only 2004
Li, Mi Clustering data streams 2004
van de Molen, Christopher Analysis of machine learning techniques for automatic question answering on a web-based corpus 2004
Yang, Jieping Taught papers only 2004
Zhong, Qi Taught papers only 2004
Deo, Shaleen Search document access in small screen devices 2003
Dewsnip, Michael Evaluating melody retrieval algorithms 2002
Krishnan, Aparna Interactive time-centre workspace visualization 2002
Lu, Zhenfei Internet risk 2002
Purvis, Jonathan Safe programming language for Palmtop computers 2002
Shukla, Preeti Cartography for collections: browsing digital libraries with self-organising maps 2002
Elphick, Timothy Taught papers only 2001
Qiao, Dong A keyphrase based automatic document classification system 2001
Raine, Bruce MusApplet/MusPlot project 2001
Sugiarto, Rendy Keyphrase-based interactive document classification 2001
Anderson, Grant m to Z: a coversion 2000
Chen, Xiangjun (Alice) GroupFlow: a Web-based workflow system 1999
Chui, Chang Kok Taught papers only 1999
Ludlow, Boyd The browser/searcher: an investigation into dynamic querying in the New Zealand Digital Library using Starfield displays 1999
Maramreddy, Prasanthi An exploratory study into bilingual interface preferences 1999
Tree, Philip Network simulation of IP and ATM over IP using a discrete event simulator 1999
Chang, Chung-yi (Julie) A cross-trace simulative study of client-side Web caching 1998
Chiang, Niann-Tsuu Optical music recognition: processing the Sacred Harp 1998
Chu, Chin-Nung Taught papers only 1998
Thomson, Kirsten The analysis and evaluation of collaborative systems 1998
Wijaya, Kadir Extending Cantor: an optical music recognition system 1998
Aish, Gary Taught papers only 1997
Calvert, Jason Design of the execution control structure for the 'WarpEngine' optimistic CPU 1997
Hodge, Stephen Visualisation techniques for large tree and graph structures 1997
Oliver, Ross Software implementation of a model to detect 2D image motion 1997
Williams, Michael An evaluation of passage-level indexing strategies for a full-text document archive 1997
Davies, Rodney M. Computer program compression 1996
Gianoutsos, Simon Exploring groupware capabilities for world wide web browsers 1996
Littin, James Learning relational ripple-down rules 1996
Nice, Ben Taught papers only 1996
Treweek, Phillip Factors in machine interface preference 1995
Burrell, Christopher Taught papers only 1994
Colley, Alban Taught papers only 1994
Littin, Richard H. Mathematical expression recognition: parsing pen/tablet input in real-time using LR techniques 1994
Mitchell, R. Scott Taught papers only 1994
Wells, John Taught papers only 1994
Ku, Yi-Ching Rcode conversion mechanisms 1993
Sellars, Raymond GASCode for RISC machines 1993
Ford, Gregory Tirohia te Mahi: an empirical study of children's use of a Maori language work processor 1992
Saheed, Abdul Processing textual images: recognising the layout of digitised printed documents 1992
Student Research TopicYear
Durairaj, Kishore Intergrating Block chain with VANETs for Trusted Communication 2021
Manoa, Jobenz Data security of Application Based Software systems used by the public sector in Samoa 2021
Altorah, Rafat The DeepFake technology DeepFake threats 2020
Gadiraju, Sarvani Establishing trust-based communication in IoT devices 2020
Gogia, Arnav A framework for optimised placement of cyber deception elements 2020
Grout, Mitchell Determining the applicability of neuroevolution to network intrusion detection 2020
Joe, Delvin Implications of on-going development on cybercrime and cybersecurity issues in Papua New Guinea 2020
Kumar, Malayandi Towards a lightweight cybersecurity framework for NZ small and medium enterprises 2020
Li, Ziyang (Vivian) Investigation of QuantTree in network traffic anomaly detection 2020
Linton, Ethan Implementation and issues of BeyondCorp within New Zealand 2020
Tian, JieXin (Jessie) The impact of new renewable generation sources on the legacy electricity grid 2020
Tudu, Alex Finding a safe port: Cyber-security analysis for open source digital library software 2020
Barnabas, Felix A user study of the configuration of web browser security and privacy settings 2019
Barrett, Brendan Does the smart city provide novel challenges to the confidentiality, integrity and availability triad? 2019
Boban, Saira Aligning Progger with Indian data privacy regulations 2019
Che, Sijia (Claire) Post-quantum opportunities and challenges in real-world applications 2019
Da Costa Pereira, Nicolino An enhancement to fine-grained access control for healthcare data 2019
Daramas, Atthapan Searching on erasure coded data 2019
Dekker, Matthew Using audio characteristics for physical layer identification of mobile devices 2019
El-Merheb, Chadi Towards a robust double-layer private Blockchain to preserve data-integrity 2019
Manikandan, Debac An automated BLE penetration testing tool 2019
Markose, Milton OAuth authentication of IoT devices with software defined perimeter and device trust relationship 2019
Rokhade, Rajat Frankenstein – Portable and automated vulnerability assessment and penetration testing toolbox 2019
Toor, Amanjot Kaur Mitigating single node DoS attacks in WSNs 2019
Wang, Jen-Guang (Eric) Optimising EU GDPR compliance - IT to GDPR requirements 2019
Washer, Michael Using OpenFlow for fine-grained network access control 2019
Zhang, Yusa (Leo) The user perception of usability, security and privacy in authentication mechanisms 2019
Fletcher, Marianne Data structures for resource-constrained intrusion detection systems 2018
Holland, Stuart An investigation into security improvements in the use of Blockchain 2018
Nehate, Akshay Resiliency of data for container based cloud computing environment 2018
Paddy, Cameron Identifying malicious programs through file provenance 2018
Su, Lizhu Aligning Progger with the new China cyber security law 2018
Symon, Jeremy Detecting relay attacks against Bluetooth communications on Android 2018
Chapa, Kalyani Overview of access control systems technical and legal facets 2017
Ghosalkar, Hrishikesh Cyber crime and cyber terrorism 2017
Mrema, Edward Fine grained access control for healthcare data 2017
Ong, Chin Chuan (Brian) Evaluation of machine learning algorithm for detecting phishing websites 2017
Romatoa, Kaboterenga User testing the security configuration of Android phones 2017
Scoon, Craig The Waikato data privacy matrix 2017
Yeh, Jeffrey Ping-Huang Key factors in building a secure web 2017
de Feijter, Sjoerd Secure storage guideline for Android devices 2016
Dong, Yangchao Context-aware security for BYOD 2016
Laulaupea'alu, Siuta Data security assessment for government information systems in Tonga: a case study in Tonga 2016
Law, Tsz Fung (Mickey) Cloud data governance mapping 2016
Naik, Saurabha Intrusion detection approach for CAN Bus 2016
Stricot-Tarboton, Shaun Taxonomy of man-in-the-middle attacks on HTTPS 2016
Garae, Jeffery User-centric visualisation of data provenance 2015
Student Research TopicYear
Balasundar, Arun Investigating the WHMCS package for NetValue webhosting 2020
Chai, Lin Whakatōhea's Maratanga digital library 2020
Dinh Truong, To Spectre for fruit colour analytics 2020
Govind Raj, Vaishnavi Association for testing and software quality assurance (AT*SQA) testing 2020
Hope, Stephanie Investigation of the use of Web Host Management Complete Solution for NetValue webhosting 2020
Jiang, Chen Data science project 2020
Joshi, Pooja Nova consulting invoicing and procurement analytics 2020
Ju, Nan Enlighten R&D service pilot 2020
Liu, Shuyun Enlighten R&D service pilot 2020
Lui, Shing Association for testing and software quality assurance (AT*SQA) testing 2020
Sharma, Niva 3D visualisation platform deployment 2020
Wu, Wenbin Imagimation DashBoard 2020
Yang, Siyi Mobile application for NZACE conference 2020
Zhao, Yue Creating your own virtual (AI) consultant 2020
Zhen, Yiming Laravel model diff tracking (revision control) 2020
Cai, Xu Improved Moodle quiz marking 2019
Chan, Sen (Nelson) IT internal support 2019
Ding, Qichen (Samuel) New farm model creation from 3rd party data extract 2019
Joshi, Upendra Business intelligence strategies and technologies for the Payment Industry 2019
Kamaree, Kamon GIS analytical and automation support 2019
Lee, Zhi Yang (Mark) Certification readiness of Gallagher ‘MobileConnect’ 2019
Li, Yongyi (Tony) Call centre text mining experiment 2019
Polra, Sargam Modelling power station starts to predict deterioration in machine health 2019
Prajapati, Hinal University of Waikato campus navigation app 2019
Robinson, Emma Disaggregation techniques for New Zealand households 2019
Saju, Sandy Centrix's SAP Solution Manager 7.2 2019
Sanchez, Christopher Restoration Wheel – Data connectivity project 2019
Singh, Smriti Development of barcoding and mill schedule system 2019
Tang, Yiyi (Leon) New CleverTime cloud-based time & attendance solutions 2019
Thomas, James Website re-design and process automation 2019
Tweed, Austen Design and development of Personal Reporting System 2019
Wei, Yuan Specification of material and works: documentation engine system 2019
William, Thia Koon Lin Documenting key processes in information and security 2019
Yu, Wenhan Web development map utility extension on Greenstone3 2019
Chadha, Harpreet Software testing project 2018
Chen, Jinjin Commodity distribution platform: testing design and development 2018
Dale, Ashleigh Sanford intranet renewal 2018
Evanson, Seamus Community connector platform: development and mobile application UX design 2018
Haystead, Jack Framework for environmental data reporting 2018
He, Jiajian Design and development of Origins VR App (Oaye) 2018
Hunter, Riley AI project 2018
Kaur, Jagmeet Community connector platform: core design and development 2018
Li, Xiaochen Inspections program upgrade 2018
Long, Yucheng AgPlanet: New Zealand's agribusiness index 2018
Narayanan, Prithvi Use of security information event management to enhance our security monitoring and reporting 2018
Rajan, Ragavan Development of My Lab Portal 2018
Ram, Amit Enhanced representation of decision making information to farmers in MINDA 2018
Ren, Zhongzhen User interface and tool for data reporting framework 2018
Shan, Wenwei Push-to-talk voice over data network 2018
Somasekharan Nair, Vidhusankar Tools for data reporting framework 2018
Wang, Xirui Household energy profile comparison 2018
Wong, Chi Hung Tidy interface (cloud) 2018
Wu, Di Commodity distribution platform: design and development 2018
Yang, Chao Swarm robotics to teach collaborative coding 2018
Ashford, Chloe Aspects developing a management platform for security as a service 2017
Goodwin, Christopher i-Verify: Facility auditing tool 2017
Grover, Gulnar Content catalogue onboarding framework 2017
Hatherill, Mitchell Implementing scenario modelling for analysis in CostPro Plus 2017
Liu, Tianyang Swipe right web 2017
Lubbe, Andries Modelling household energy behaviour using data mining techniques 2017
Ostadian, Navid Swatchr: property information management 2017
Ostadian, Nima Cloud Voice as a service for small and medium businesses 2017
Ramlan, Rasli Cost benefit analysis for South Waikato District Council’s public cloud adoption 2017
Rodrigues, Mark Development of an IoT device - commercial and technical 2017
Zhao, Wenhao (Carl) Application PowerBI security dashboard 2017
Ibrahim, Nadiah Gathr 2.0: Evidence capture for skills assessment: user experience & user interface design 2016
Mahoney-Marsh, Severin Gathr 2.0: Evidence capture for skills assessment: dynamic rule system design 2016
Student Research TopicYear
Huang, Dong Statistical downscaling using deep learning 2021
Liu, Jia (Justin) Semi-supervised active learning 2021
Wang, Ziyun The development of an interactive data visualization tool for the presentation of individual worker's fatigue data 2021
Yearbury, Scott Investigation into building large scale wireless networks with ubiquitous access 2021
Cao, Yiming (Marcus) User behaviour analysis and visualization 2020
Gopikrishnan, Sowrabi User data ownership 2020
Khanchandani, Arun Implementation and evaluation of change-aware sentiment analysis using PPMI based Incremental word embeddings 2019
Li, Rouchen Deterministic floating-point summation in data-parallel environment 2018
Gao, Xiangyan (Michael) Virtual reality free walking development 2018
Taia, Ivy Maumahara Papahou: A mobile augmented-reality memory treasure box based on Māori mnemonic aids 2018
Yogarajan, Vithya Machine learning approaches to de-identification of medical documents 2018
Guo, Yang Trusted platform module based tamper-evident provenance data and automatic tamper inspection 2017
Mitchell, Rory Accelerating the XGBoost algorithm using GPU computing 2017
Carvalho Ferreira da Rocha, Roberto Márcio Embedded meta data in digital libraries 2016
Cheng, Cheng Identification and characterization of application scanners in honeypot data 2016
Gong, Qinyuan World Cup Rugby statistics 2016
Pammi, Karun Krishna Location-based mobile vocabulary learning application 2016
Tang, Chenkang Cloud Service Guard – A software defined perimeter framework for securing cloud computing services 2016
Tian, Yuan (Caleb) Mobile application to promote energy conservation 2016
Wilson, Brett Chiefs rugby game day app 2016
Ye, Yihao FLAX log data visualization 2016
Balasubramanian Kumar, Vignesh Ram Implementing decision jungles 2015
Dighe, Amay Human-centred workplace: re-finding physical document in an office workplace 2015
Fu, Jing Taught papers only 2015
Kishore, Nikhil Murali Parsimonious regression 2015
Li, Cong Using Google Book Ngrams for language learning 2015
Li, Wanbo Task Visualization: An interactive Gantt chart schedule management system 2015
Mui, Ham Using a motion sensing camera to map real to virtual worlds (virtual meeting using Kinect V2 for Windows) 2015
Neelakanta Sharma, Karthik A scalable and fault tolerant OpenFlow controller 2015
Ren, Ran Mobile application to promote energy conservation 2015
Al Qurashi, Hayat Collaborative and social interaction within groups of patrons in academic and public libraries: implications for digital libraries 2014
Alahmari, Mohammed Off-grid energy monitoring 2014
Alanazi, Mohammed Subhi Keeping track of electronic reading material 2014
Alsharif, Aman Investigating strategies to support reverse-engineering of interactive systems 2014
Alzahrani, Saad Co-browsing the Greenstone digital library collection 2014
Huang, Yu-Hsin (Amigo) Improving collaborative drawing using HTML5 2014
Lorier, Christopher Techniques for failure recovery in a software-defined network 2014
May, Michael Modelling and evaluation of 60 GHz IEEE 802.11 wireless local area networks in ns-3 2014
Mungro, Meenakshee Rating the significance of detected network events 2014
Shaw, Adrian Partial order reduction with compositional verification 2014
Wang, Lichao (Edward) XNA-Like 3D graphics programming on the Raspberry Pi 2014
Alshahrani, Mohammed Ali Real time vehicle license plate recognition on mobile devices 2013
Clarke, Gregory Visualising time 2013
Deaker, Chris Adaptive interfaces for massively multiplayer online games 2013
Morris, Paul Exploration of pervasive games in relation to mobile technologies 2013
Śmiałowski, Grzegorz Automatic weighing for dry stock 2013
Peng, Sanhong (Casey) A location-based audio book reader 2013
Wadsworth, Simon Security analysis of the Evolved Packet Core of LTE networks 2013
Weng, Min-Hsien (Sam) Automatic parallelization of data-driven JStar programs 2013
Al Mutirui, Mohammed Power and energy visualisation in the home 2012
Al-Qahtani, Saeed The paperless organization: improved processes and reduction in paper usage through wider use of elecronic documents and tablet computers 2012
Alahmari, Muteeb Personal semantic timeframe 2012
Alrowaily, Majed Energy monitoring through social networks 2012
Alyamani, Hasan CatchIt: Capturing cues of bookmarked moment to feed digital parrot 2012
Cocks, John Diacritic restoration and the development of a part-of-speech tagset for the Māori language 2012
Crosby, Simon Parallelization of JStar programs on a distributed computer 2012
Dean, Jesse Using motion controllers in virtual conferencing 2012
Jose, Appu Evolution of documents: information and data objects 2012
Lin, Feifei Analysing reverse engineering techniques for interactive systems 2012
Ma, Jinjin Parameter tuning using Gaussian processes 2012
Pham, Bob Tho Duy Visualize online collocation dictionary with force-directed graph 2012
Roüast, Maxime Live television in a digital library 2012
Zeng, Fanhua Using output codes for two-class classification problems 2012
Zhao, Chao Anonymous mobile service collaboration 2012
Alallah, Jehan Capturing situational context in an augmented memory system 2011
Chang, Su-Ping (Carole) Questions and answers: exploring mobile user needs 2011
Eichler, Stephen Measuring TCP congestion control behaviour in the Internet 2011
Han, Zhimeng (Allen) Smoothing in probability estimation trees 2011
Laundry, Beverley Sheet music unbound: a fluid approach to sheet music display and annotation on a multi-touch screen 2011
Tsai, Yi-Na (Iggy) Vocal detection: an evaluation between general versus focused models 2011
Denny, Dacre Interactive video game content authoring using procedural methods 2010
King, Alistair Efficient internet topology discovery techniques 2010
McIntosh, Samuel Integrating interactive digital maps into a digital library 2010
Novak, Brook Seamlessly editing the Web 2010
Perrone, Gian Bigraph metaprogramming for distributed computation 2010
Chan, Chu-Hsiang Metadata qualities for digital libraries 2009
Larkins, Robert Off-line signature verification 2009
Lin, Ta-Chun Leo Improving digital library support for historic newspaper collections 2009
Lynam, Adam Prediction of oestrus in dairy cows: an application of machine learning to skewed data 2009
Miles, Jonathan Machine learning for adaptive computer game opponents 2009
Shannon, Grant Neon chalk: designing software to support drawing as play for children with autism spectrum disorders 2009
Shi, Jinjian Selection of components in compositional verification of safety properties 2009
Sun, Quan Sampling-based prediction of algorithm runtime 2009
Bennett, Erin Re-designing Greenstone for seniors 2008
Foulds, James (Jimmy) Learning instance weights in multi-instance learning 2008
Gao, Xin A service for audio icon and audio books in the Mobile Tourist Information system (TIP) via the Greenstone Digital Library 2008
Hsieh, Ping-Ju Administration service for the Tourist Information System (TIP) 2008
Krishnan, Anupama Taught papers only 2008
Chen, Jingyu Design, implementation and evaluation of a mobile exhibition guide 2007
Evans, Reuben Clustering for classification 2007
Huang, Xiaotie Development of a map service 2007
Kibriya, Ashraf Fast algorithms for nearest neighbour search 2007
Liu, Zhiwei The BSD Socket API for simulator 2007
Pradhananga, Nripendra Effective linear-time feature selection 2007
Qin, Yinghao The Smart Phone as a mouse 2007
Shi, Haijian Best-first decision tree learning 2007
Shi, Zhennan A web-based geographical information system for low bandwidth access 2007
Wang, Andy Yi Design and evaluation of a mobile photo gallery in TIP 2007
Xu, Chengdong An eclipse environment for Z 2007
Yu, Xiaofeng Prediction intervals for Class probabilities 2007
Zhang, Yiwen Edmond Kid's Music Box: a digital music organizer designed with children for children 2007
Bowering, Bruce Geospatial searching and browsing digital photographic collections 2006
Dhawale, Pushkar Bare-hand 3D gesture recognition system 2006
Dong, Lin A comparison of multi-instance learning algorithms 2006
Jones, Brendon Classifying daily patterns in logn duration network traces 2006
Junmanee, Saijai Design, implementation and evaluation of advanced recommendation models in the mobile tourist information system TIP 2006
Lau, Chi-Chung Audio halos: an evaluation of sound cues to support mobile navigation 2006
Lett, Malcolm 3D surface recognition for robotic localisation 2006
Milne, David From phrase browsing to interactive query expansion: an AJAX-enabled approach 2006
Qiu, Quan Trust-based recommendations in a mobile tourist information system 2006
Waterhouse, Nicholas Vehicle license plate recognition on mobile devices 2006
Wu, Shaoqun A language learning digital library 2006
Apelt, Gerret Improving accuracy in hierarchical text categorization 2005
Bowen, Judy Formal specification of user interface design guidelines 2005
Kuo, Christy A machine learning approach to music classification 2005
Daley, Nicholas GAFFE: Graphical front-ends for Z animation 2004
Sauban, Maximilien Document profile based text classification 2003
Xu, Xin Statistical learning in multiple instance problems 2003
McGowan, Katherine Efficient phrase hierarchy inference 2001
McKay, Dana Browsing and Greenstone: a study of browsing in a digital library 2001
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