Current Postgraduate Research

Student Research Topic
Attaullah Deep learning and feature representation
Bahiss, Khadija Serious game to provide social skills training for people with Asperger Syndrome/High-functioning Autism
Daoud, Maisa Multi-objective optimization of both energy cost and visual environmental impact in wind farm layout design
Garae, Jeffery Security Visualization for Mobile Development
García Ferrari, Tomás An IoT for the rest of us
Gouk, Henry Learning features for simultaneous localisation and mapping
Grout, Cameron Desktop environments in virtual reality and the usability impacts of an adjusting workspace paradigm
Jaidka, Sapna Formal Modeling & Analysis of Health Care Devices using Timed Coloured Petri Nets: a Case Study on Drug Infusion System
König, Jemma Modelling vocabulary acquisition in extensive reading
Laulaupeaalu, Siuta The impact of online scamming in the South Pacific and strategies to mitigate associated risks involved
Leathart, Tim Generalising deep learning beyond neural networks
Li, Mi (Max) Parallel stream data mining with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Lorier, Christopher Data-plane abstractions for software-defined networks
Luo, Xianghui Learning from small samples
Mitchell, Rory GPU accelerated machine learning
Phua, Thye Way Redesigning files to embed concise provenance metadata
Pilbrow, Colin Visualisation of specification models
Roodt, Daniel Secure quantum information storage
Sanger, Richard Improved resilience to failure for software defined network controllers
Scarsbrook, Joshua Self healing computer software
Songthung, Phattharat Machine learning, metaheuristic algorithms, data imputation and bioinformatics
Turner, Jessica Supporting interactive system testing with interaction sequences
Weng, Min-Hsien (Sam) Efficient OpenCL implementation for computational Whiley programs
Will, Mark Reducing latency in data transfers
Wohlers, Mark Multiple instance learning for predicting fruit storage potential
Yogarajan, Vithya Automating medical scoring systems using machine learning
Zaicu, Nicu Error detection and recovery in software defined networks
Zhao, Can Designing for information interaction in museums
Zhang, Qimo (Alex) Key technology of transmedia storytelling based on mixed reality
Zheng, Chen Deep learning algorithms
Student Research Topic
Alshehab, Mosaed Developing the Arabic Helvetica typeface!
Clarke, Geoffrey How can Wittgenstein's and Searle's theories of language and mind be used to develop a methodology for evaluation, producing and classifying graphic design discourse
Falconer, Chelsea UI design for multiple devices
Fu, Xiaoya (Tracy) Pixel art in video games
Ji, Zheyu Contemporary stamp on Celadon pattern design
Jones, Emma How the elderly interact with social media applications
Kennedy, Nikki Communicating Te Reo Māori through typography
Pan, Xin The independence of virtual reality in physics education
Porter, Rowan Designing for virtual reality
Sijnja, Nicole Women’s preferences of product catalog presentation from online fashion retailers
Simmons, Rowan IoT and simplification of products for increased IoT educational literacy
Zhang, Lini Conveying emotion in adventure games through character movement
Student Research Topic
Barrett, Brendan Digital city's novel attack vectors and physical liability
Boban, Saira Aligning Progger to Indian data privacy laws
Che, Sijia (Claire) Privacy-preserving deep learning for sensitive police datasets
Da Costa Pereira, Nicolino Secure web access from public wi-fis
Dekker, Matthew Hardware fingerprinting
Hardyment, Brian To be advised
Rokhade, Rajat Automating penetration testing
Toor, Amanjot DDOS Prevention in industrial IOT
Student Research Topic
Ren, Zhongzhen User interface and tool for data reporting framework
Kaur, Jagmeet  
Chen, Jinjin  
Evanson, Seamus  
He, Jiajian  
Long, Yucheng  
Rajan, Ragavan  
Shan, Wenwei  
Somasekharan Nair, Vidhusankar  
Wong, Chi Hung  
Wu, Di  
Student Research Topic
Gao, Xiangyan Virtual reality free walking development
Hunia, Billy Jo Virtual cocktail party participation
Markose, Milton Extending OAuth for IoT authentication
Student Research Topic
Ballard, Hakau Feature extraction in soft decision tree ensembles
Hardyment, Brian SNP casual variant analysis
Kelly, Nathan Smart micro-grid modelling tool
Levy, Tom Evaluation of proposals for adding generics to the programming language Go
Nikora, Mark Visualisation of birdsong derived ecological health indicator
Student Research Topic
Anderson-Scott, Christian Visualisation of memory provenance
Cerezo Rodriguez, Daniel Analysing forestry accident data to create safety models
Chan, Nicole Social media meets Te Reo Māori loanwords
Chand, Mohish Indoor device localisation
Chew, Christopher Analysis and detection of Ransomware
Cook, Jonathan Alpha mining: evaluating the effectiveness of machine learning algorithms for equity selection
Fitzgerald-Webb, Cameron Can we build an accurate model of corporate ownership structures?
Grout, Mitchell Cryptanalysis of SHA-2
Huang, George Location based mobile story telling
Jones, Paul Keep left
Kim, Hye In (Jane) Daydreaming
Krippner, Logan EEG HCI
Lovelock, Joshua Automated detection of insulting text
Marriner, Tyler Playing with the Blockchain
McGrath, Nicholas Verification of diagnosability in discrete-event systems
Milson, Andrew Hardware accelerated stereo matching
Oosterwijk, Daniel Blockchain-backed state change verification
Paine, Fraser Use of momentum in gradient boosting
Parmar, Amarjot Secure multi cloud storage
Pryor, Stephanie Coverage and real time wireless receiver placement from LiDAR data
Scott, Walter Location-based tour guide application for Android
Simblett, Joseph Drone motion control
St George, Daniel A survey on post-quantum cryptography
Tan, Bruce (Junyang) Does the AS route rationally?
Todd, Nathan Faucet Scale-out router
Visser, Chris SDN based BNG in Faucet
Wilson, Western Macroniser Statistics Generator
Yang, He Using task models to support interactive system testing
Student Research Topic
Alduraiei, Lulwah Smart wardrobe
Anderson, Tristan Building incremental sentiment lexicons from Twitter
Beehre, Ward Implementing Nessus for vulnerability scanning in a large domain
Chen, Christopher National instruments autonomous robotics competition
Cruz, Lindsen Voting and blockchain
Gomez, Sorrel Mobile AR game for people with TDI
Hewlett, George Water analyzer
Ilic, Vladimir Internet of Things (IoT) Testkit Development
Jang, Michael An experimental visual odometry mobile robotic platform
Jayagopie, Artiqeeiyan Extending a prototyping tool to generate formal models
Merz, Alexander Analysing g-force data collected from a mobile device to help optimise drive line for racecars
Schroder, Stas Supervisor reduction
Siriett, Catherine National instruments autonomous robotics competition
Xue, Zeyang Pattern recognition of the provenance data