Current Postgraduate Research

Student Research Topic
Britten, Daniel Security in blockchain contracts
Chanajitt, Rajchada Artificial intelligence for mobile device security
Chew Jun Wen, Chris Integrating behaviour based detection techniques with Progger to detect and mitigate ransomware and malware
Daramas, Atthapan Secure and privacy preserving data sharing in vehicular networks
Fayomi, Oladimeji Centralised control of BGP routing
García Ferrari, Tomás An IoT for the rest of us
Grout, Cameron Desktop environments in virtual reality and the usability impacts of an adjusting workspace paradigm
Gunasekara, Nuwan Artificial Intelligence for Big Data Streams
Gunasinghe, Hansi Explainable AI in Opthamology
Heydarian, Parastoo Innovative engineering of self-adaptive solutions on the cloud
Khajezade, Mohamad Machine learning for data streams
Laulaupeaalu, Siuta The vulnerability to online scamming in contemporary Tongan society
Li, Mi (Max) Parallel stream data mining with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Liu, Bowen Refinement for behavioural specifications
Lorier, Christopher Data-plane abstractions for software-defined networks
Lu, Lisa (Yunjie) AI-based image processing for corneal confocal microscopy images
Mitchell, Rory GPU accelerated machine learning
Peramuna Pathirage, Nandana Use of e-book technology in tertiary education
Phua, Thye Way Redesigning files to embed concise provenance metadata
Rodrigues, Mark Neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence for surgical tool management
Roodt, Daniel Homomorphic compression
Sahito, Attaullah Deep learning and feature representation
Sijnja, Nicole Supporting the design of data physicalizations
Skiffington, Matthew Accurate multi-modal conditional density estimation (CDE) in deep learning models with environmental applications
Sun, Yibin Machine learning
Taia, Ivy Mobile health application with a Māori cultural perspective
Trye, David Exploring multidimensional language visualisation
Wang, Hongyu User-friendly artificial intelligence
Wohlers, Mark Multiple instance learning for predicting fruit storage potential
Yogarajan, Vithya Machine learning based information extraction from free-form medical text
Zaicu, Nicu Error detection and recovery in software defined networks
Zhang, Qimo (Alex) Key technology of transmedia storytelling based on mixed reality
Zhang, Zijing Transfer learning for cyber security configuration managment
Zheng, Chen Deep learning algorithms
Student Research Topic
Dai, Yue Taught Papers
Guan, Wei Taught Papers
Wyatt, Paige Information visualization in the digital world
Student Research Topic
Aslam, Naila Cyber security assessment of network connected medical devices in context to NZ public health providers/hospitals/DHBs
Au Yeung, (Hong Wa) Calvin Benchmaking provenace systems
Chandel, Akhil Understanding the internet security landscape on the Indian Subcontinent
Corrick, Tristan Optimising and extending Progger on Linux
Jayaraman, Sriram Malware detection using transfer learning
Naththandige, Nuwan Dark web monitoring system
Pandi, Murugupandian Local government cybersecurity in New Zealand
Seluini, Daniel Exploring cybersecurity culture in New Zealand local government
Selvanathan, Giridharan RSrecce - a public reconnaissance scanner based on OSINT
Tsai, Michael (Ming-Cheng) Optimisation of audio-based sensor fingerprinting system for mobile device authentication
Vijayan, Rini Dark Web Monitoring
Student Research Topic
Burroughs, Hazel Taught Papers
Chen, Xiaohan Taught Papers
Hui, Shiyi Taught Papers
Li, Shenghui Taught Papers
Lowe, Charlotte Taught Papers
Witoko, Manaia Taught Papers
Student Research Topic
Cheng, Jiaxi Reducing vehicles in the Bay of Plenty
Fraser, Huon The answer is staring you in the face
Gong, Hao Surgical instruments classification by using bag-of-visual-word
Hu, Bo Developing machine learning algorithms to automatically detect accessibility features from images
Hunia, Billy Jo Virtual cocktail party participation
Kim, Hye In (Jane) VR for navy training
Li, Chenghang (Bill) A systematic approach to usability improvements in Weka
Salisbury, Cameron Exploring programming language design via standard semantics
Wang, Pei Automatic abstract template generator
Wang, Ziyun Fatigue data visualization
Wijaya, Richardo Exploring the use of Haskell for machine learning algorithm implementation
Student Research Topic
Anderson-Scott, Christian Visualisation of memory provenance
Bull, Daniel Using generative adversarial networks on spatial data
Gomes de Oliveira, Leandro Cloud autoscaling for irregular load patterns
Levy, Tom Evaluation of proposals for adding generics to the programming language Go
Nikora, Mark Visualisation of birdsong derived ecological health indicator
Oliver, Tim To be advised
Webster, Glyn Using the IEC 61131-3 graphical programming languages for IoT
Whitten, Jesse Using AI to reduce surgeon training times by identifying outlier operations
Student Research Topic
Besley, Daniel An online game incorporating social deduction
Cheer, Alex Generating capture/replay test scripts from interaction sequences using the Script Generator Tool
Delos Reyes, Ervin Better video conferencing
Elliott, Mason Exploring the use of blockchain in clearing and settlement
Farrant, Conner Electric vehicle route planning
Gillespie, Cameron Utilizing rain radar data for better river level prediction
Govender, Justin Applying transformers to customer chat text classification
Innes, Finn Lower-resourced language spelling support in Gmail
Irvine, Michael On-the-edge image-based machine learnin
Jones, Connor Characterizing the use of autonomous system path prepending on IPv6
Llobet, Eunice Investigating privacy controls in data visualization for forestry workers in New Zealand
Nagra, Shaan Huri Whakatau
Sudarsan Sampath, Aravind Spell checker for Te Reo Māori
Vyas, Priyank JuryRoom
Wheeler, Benjamin Tarjan's Algorithm in WATERS
Student Research Topic
Ageel, Sulhan Detecting Te Reo content on the web
Alblooshy, Fajer Solar work place charging for EV's
Dalusong, Andrei Smart home and assisted living voice control
Elwakil, Youssef Machine learning for Iot and Android devices
Grant, Alex Automated penetration testing for Huri Whakatau
Greenwood, Ben Wireless tests for AMP
Herbert, Callum Improved user interactions for SAP system end users
Javanji, Pratik Malware detection using LZ dictionaries
Kern, Taran Bap filtering
Lambert, Ronan Investigating spoofed IPv6 traffic on the internet
McAdam, Nicholas Self adaptive & self learning e-bike
Phan, Lysa Ride sharing mobile application
Smith, Mansill To be advised
Tiddy, Annelisa Fuel fill calculator
Willows, Sophia NLP tooling for Te Reo and a grammar checker