Current Postgraduate Research

Student Research Topic
Attaullah Deep learning and feature representation
Bahiss, Khadija Serious game to provide social skills training for people with Asperger Syndrome/High-functioning Autism
Daoud, Maisa Multi-objective optimization of both energy cost and visual environmental impact in wind farm layout design
Garae, Jeffery Security Visualization for Mobile Development
García Ferrari, Tomás An IoT for the rest of us
Gouk, Henry Learning features for simultaneous localisation and mapping
Griffiths, Chris Investigating the use of wearable technology to support safety in the workplace
Grout, Cameron Desktop environments in virtual reality and the usability impacts of an adjusting workspace paradigm
Hou, Eva Jianting Exhibition design with digital interactive exhibits for science learning
Jaidka, Sapna Formal Modeling & Analysis of Health Care Devices using Timed Coloured Petri Nets: a Case Study on Drug Infusion System
König, Jemma Modelling vocabulary acquisition in extensive reading
Laulaupeaalu, Siuta The impact of online scamming in the South Pacific and strategies to mitigate associated risks involved
Leathart, Tim Generalising deep learning beyond neural networks
Li, Mi (Max) Parallel stream data mining with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Lorier, Christopher Data-plane abstractions for software-defined networks
Luo, Xianghui Learning from small samples
Mato, Paora What is the role of computer technology within a Māori language regeneration strategy
Mitchell, Rory GPU accelerated machine learning
Nemhauser, Bryce Spatial hypermedia as a programming environment
Phua, Thye Way Redesigning files to embed concise provenance metadata
Pilbrow, Colin Visualisation of specification models
Sanger, Richard Improved resilience to failure for software defined network controllers
Scarsbrook, Joshua Self healing computer software
Suppers, Joris Smart grids, the internet of energy, and energy use efficiency
Timpany, Claire How the typographic relationships between access structure features (headings) improve within-document search and retrieval tasks in non-fiction texts
Turner, Emmanuel Adaptive user interfaces for the semantic web
Turner, Jessica Supporting interactive system testing with interaction sequences
Weng, Min-Hsien (Sam) Efficient OpenCL implementation for computational Whiley programs
Will, Mark Reducing latency in data transfers
Wilson, Brett Addressing the electric vehicle routing problem
Wohlers, Mark Multiple instance learning for predicting fruit storage potential
Zaicu, Nicu Error detection and recovery in software defined networks
Zhao, Can Designing for information interaction in museums
Student Research Topic
Clarke, Geoffrey To be advised
Li, Xinyi Natural gestural interfaces of mobile applications
Lu, Yuqin Icon transport information in ebook
Mo, Ziheng Creating dynamic Chinese symbols
Pan, Xin The independence of virtual reality in physics education
Shang, Yuhan (Michelle) User experience in smartphone apps
Yang, Zhiqin (Cheer) Improving music player interface
Zhang, Lini Conveying emotion in adventure games through character movement
Zhou, Delong (Joe) Illustrations in tourism book
Student Research Topic
Brown, Cameron Malware analysis environment
Nehate, Akshay Data resiliency for container based cloud computing environment
Su, Lizhu Aligning Progger logs to GDPR
Symon, Jeremy Detecting relay attacks against Bluetooth communications on Android
Student Research Topic
Ashford, Chloe  
Dale, Ashleigh  
Liu, Tianyang  
Ram, Amit  
Rodrigues, Mark  
Yang, Chao  
Yogarajan, Vithya  
Zhao, Wenhao  
Student Research Topic
Gao, Xiangyan  
Ren, Zhongzhen  
Taia, Ivy Using technology to improve mental well-being
Student Research Topic
Crickett, Scott Developing design patterns for models of interactive systems
Hardyment, Brian SNP casual variant analysis
Levy, Tom Evaluation of proposals for adding generics to the programming language Go
Li, Shuzu AR on a mobile phone
Student Research Topic
McPherson, Bridie Hand vs type
Student Research Topic
Atutahi, Mariah Yet another minority report
Ballard, Hakau Enhancements to alternating decision trees
Byrne, Dylan Deep learning for AI-assisted legal compliance
Caunter, Robert Footsteps
Chong, June Paper aeroplanes
Cayanan, Zoren Off the grid in New Zealand
Gratwicke, Daniel Mobile applications to promote energy conservation
Hewer, Jayden Active network testing
Hislop, Fraser Procedural buildings for video games
Lane, Stephanie Detecting potential conflicts of interest on the web
Lee, Claudynn Virtual cocktail party participation
McCreary, Sam Volleyball coaching
Meehan, Anthony Practical partially homomorphic encryption
Reetz, Brendan NetStinky
Roodt, Daniel Practical partially homomorphic encryption
Sanson, Brandon Voice activated photo viewer on Pi
Scanlon, Thomas Discovering modus operandi in crime reports
Simson, Jed Open source linear genetic programming
Sutherland, Camden The design and implementation of a modern packet filter
Taylor, Nicholas AR for mobile tourist apps
Thomson, Stuart Visual contextual enrichment in ebooks
Thresher, Chris CNV detection
Villavicencio, Lara Ride Share application and website
Wilkins, Rebekah Macroniser statistics generator
Wray, Campbell Internet of Things
Student Research Topic
Al-Bahri, Hani (YAMR) A social media intelligence platform
Al-Hashami, Aysha How can a physical children's book be enhanced with mobile phone technology?
Alrabeah, Sarah Content-aware access control in mobile devices
Al-Zakwani, Ahid Citizen reporting
Cavers, Langley StanCalc2
Dalusong, Aaron NIARC 2017 (National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition)
Gumbley, Jonathan SDN for wide area networks
Kelly, Nathan AI methods for map exploration
Khanal, Swikrit Integrating abstract test generation with a declarative test framework
Kuizinas, Timothy NIARC 2017 (National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition)
Leach, Andrew Investigation of terrain generation using geometric patterns
Millar, Cabel Homomorphic encryption cloud services
Nasmith, Lauren Engineering better interactive systems with model-driven pre/post conditions
Sethi, Nikhil NIARC 2017 (National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition)
Sinha, Shashwat Location-based vocabulary learning
White, Michaela Police patrol service management
Xiao, Jessica Home router intrusion detection system