Application for an Extension of Deadline

Applications must be made no later than 48 hours before the deadline. After this you should hand in what you’ve done and request the marker take your circumstances into consideration.

Extensions are only made for good reason. Generally these are:

  • Medical grounds: a medical certificate must be provided which states in the medical practitioner’s opinion that you were incapacitated – not indicating that ‘you’ stated you
    were unwell.
  • Unforeseen paid work or travel commitments: this is for ‘unforeseen’ work requirements only and must be accompanied by a letter from your employer. It’s up to you to manage
    your regular work commitments.
  • Exceptional Family circumstances: which result in circumstance beyond your control such as bereavement, child or family care requirements. Due to previous misrepresentation we require a death notice in case of bereavement, a medical certificate for family illness, or a statutory declaration if you could not get fill-in child care.
    If you or your partner are expecting a child and this may affect your coursework, please discuss this with the lecturer in charge of the course as early as possible in the trimester.

Sporting and Cultural activities:

Allowance is made for national and representative sport or cultural participation. You should be aware of your activities and make arrangements for any absences well in advance. You need to manage and complete your work accordingly. Let us know as soon as you know.

Such activities are not grounds for a short notice extension unless can show you have been called in at last minute (in which case your application must be supported by a coach’s letter)

The following are not good reasons:

  • Lack of time management (we expect you to manage your deadlines)
  • Academic work load (unless good cause can be shown)
  • Absence from the University, except for an emergency
  • Moving house (you know it’s coming – manage your time)
  • Inability to get to the University (you should maintain your car/scooter/bicycle)
  • Hard-drive failure or loss of storage device (you should have a suitable backup regime)
  • Printer or Network failure (you need to plan for potential failures)
  • Weddings or other social occasions (you should know about these well in advance and plan accordingly)

It is your responsibility to have work typed/printed/bound etc by the due date.

If you are granted an extension, a penalty may apply. See the course outline for the penalty.

Only one extension may be granted per assignment. We do not give extensions on extensions.

Extensions may not normally be given past the end date of the course (which is the end of the trimester for examined courses, and the end of study week for internally assessed courses).

You will be notified of the outcome in writing (or email) within one working day of receipt.

Copies of any supporting documentary evidence should be attached.