Application for Review of Grade

If you believe the mark for an item of your coursework is incorrect or unfair, you may apply for a review of the mark.

Your application cannot be made within 24 hours from the return of the assessment. This is a ‘cooling off’ period for you to consider how you did, rather than making an emotive response.

During this time you may ask about the content of the coursework, but apart from arithmetic mistakes, you should not query the grade. Any application for a review must be made within two weeks of the return of the item of coursework. Late applications will not be accepted – if there is a problem, then do something about it quickly.

Work that is to be submitted for review must not be altered or added to by you or anyone else.

Any changes to the work to be reviewed since it was originally submitted will result in the review being disallowed, and you will be referred to the discipline committee.

The application must include a good reason why the mark is considered incorrect or unfair (i.e. it is insufficient to say ‘I deserve more’, you must specify why). “If I don’t pass this assignment I will fail” is not a good reason – your application must be made on reasonable academic grounds.

Applicants should be aware that if in the review the coursework is found to be marked incorrectly, that marks may be increased or decreased.

An application for review may only be made once for any item of coursework - check it carefully. Any appeal of a review result must go through the Chairperson of the Department.

The outcome of the application will be notified to you in writing, or by email. Please do not continually ask about the result.

This form is only to be used for review of a single internal assessment item. (i.e. one item per form).

Application for review of a full course outcome (for internally assessed or examined courses) must be made through the prescribed University process (see the University Calendar: Assessment regulations Part 5 “Review of Grade and Return of Examination Script”).

An application is to be made on the appropriate Application for Review of Grade form.