There are a number of scholarships, awards and prizes on offer at the Faculty of Computing & Mathematical Sciences.

Below are the scholarships currently on offer to Computer Science students.  You can use the Scholarships Finder for a more comprehensive list of the scholarships available.

Further scholarship information can be found at the Scholarships Office.

Computer Science Undergraduate Scholarship

Closing Date: Closed
Level: Entrance, School Leaver
Value: Up to $5,000

If you have a passion for a career in technology and are considering study options in the area of Computer Science, why not apply for the University of Waikato Computer Science Scholarship? This scholarship recognizes and supports high achieving students who are entering their first year of study towards a BCMS(Hons), BSc or BE(Hons) degree (in one of the computing streams) at Waikato University. They shall not be tenable for any other degree or at any other university. Assessment for awarding the scholarship is in the format of an exam, which will take place in October. The purpose of the  Examination is to determine whether new students have sufficient proficiency in the subject to merit placement in the more senior papers. In addition, students demonstrating a particular aptitude for the subject will be offered fees scholarships on the basis of the exam results. Depending upon examination results, up to ten fees scholarships will be offered. The University of Waikato Computer Science Scholarship Examination is made up of two parts: a two-hour written examination and a six-hour practical examination. Both parts are usually on 2 days in October of each year.

The scholarship examination is open to New Zealand citizens, permanent residents, or international students, presently enrolled in Year 12 or Year 13 at a New Zealand High School.

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