Computer Science Undergraduate Scholarship

Benefits of completing the examination

Benefits of completing the examination are:

  • Up to 10 students may be awarded a scholarship to pay for fees, to the value of $5,000, for their first year in a computing degree (BSc, BE, BCMS).
  • Students who are not offered the scholarship may still be offered a place in advanced computing courses in their first year.

How the examination is run

The examination is normally offered through the student’s school. There are two ways a school can participate:

  • Run a computer science class involving programming and encourage the whole class to sit the examination. This approach is common for large Hamilton schools.
  • Encourage students with a strong interest in programming to study for themselves and allow them to sit the examination at school or at the University. This approach has brought in successful students from all over the Waikato, and from Northland, Auckland, New Plymouth and Wellington.

Schools are posted information about the Computer Science Scholarship Examination and application forms each year. If your school has not received an information pack or you have any questions, please contact Bill Rogers.

In 2017 the Written Examination will be held on Friday 20 October and the Practical Examination on Saturday 21 October. If possible, we like to know who will be taking part by the end of July, although it is usually possible to take late entries. Where feasible, we arrange visits to our department for participants.

Below are some links to sample examinations.

Sample examinations: