MOA 12.03
Real Time Analytics for Data Streams
moa.core.InstancesHeader Class Reference

Class for storing the header or context of a data stream. More...

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Public Member Functions

 InstancesHeader (Instances i)
boolean add (Instance i)
boolean readInstance (Reader r) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static String getClassNameString (InstancesHeader context)
static String getClassLabelString (InstancesHeader context, int classLabelIndex)
static String getAttributeNameString (InstancesHeader context, int attIndex)
static String getNominalValueString (InstancesHeader context, int attIndex, int valIndex)
static String getNumericValueString (InstancesHeader context, int attIndex, double value)

Detailed Description

Class for storing the header or context of a data stream.

It allows to know the number of attributes and classes.

Richard Kirkby (

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

moa.core.InstancesHeader.InstancesHeader ( Instances  i)

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Member Function Documentation

boolean moa.core.InstancesHeader.add ( Instance  i)

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static String moa.core.InstancesHeader.getClassLabelString ( InstancesHeader  context,
int  classLabelIndex 
) [static]

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Referenced by moa.clusterers.AbstractClusterer.getClassLabelString(), and moa.classifiers.AbstractClassifier.getClassLabelString().

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static String moa.core.InstancesHeader.getClassNameString ( InstancesHeader  context) [static]

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Referenced by moa.clusterers.AbstractClusterer.getClassNameString(), and moa.classifiers.AbstractClassifier.getClassNameString().

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static String moa.core.InstancesHeader.getNumericValueString ( InstancesHeader  context,
int  attIndex,
double  value 
) [static]

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Referenced by moa.classifiers.core.conditionaltests.NumericAttributeBinaryTest.describeConditionForBranch().

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boolean moa.core.InstancesHeader.readInstance ( Reader  r) throws IOException

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