MOA 12.03
Real Time Analytics for Data Streams
moa.evaluation.EntropyCollection Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void evaluateClustering (Clustering fclustering, Clustering hClustering, ArrayList< DataPoint > points) throws Exception

Protected Member Functions

String[] getNames ()
boolean[] getDefaultEnabled ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

void moa.evaluation.EntropyCollection.evaluateClustering ( Clustering  fclustering,
Clustering  hClustering,
ArrayList< DataPoint points 
) throws Exception [virtual]

Implements moa.evaluation.MeasureCollection.

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boolean [] moa.evaluation.EntropyCollection.getDefaultEnabled ( ) [protected]

Reimplemented from moa.evaluation.MeasureCollection.

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String [] moa.evaluation.EntropyCollection.getNames ( ) [protected, virtual]

Implements moa.evaluation.MeasureCollection.

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