MOA 12.03
Real Time Analytics for Data Streams
moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MembershipMatrix (Clustering foundClustering, ArrayList< DataPoint > points)
int getClusterClassWeight (int i, int j)
int getClusterSum (int i)
int getClassSum (int j)
int getClassDistribution (int j)
int getClusterClassWeightByLabel (int cluster, int classLabel)
int getClassSumByLabel (int classLabel)
int getClassDistributionByLabel (int classLabel)
int getTotalEntries ()
int getNumClasses ()
boolean hasNoiseClass ()
String toString ()
int getInitalBuildTimestamp ()

Package Attributes

HashMap< Integer, Integer > classmap
int cluster_class_weights [][]
int cluster_sums []
int class_sums []
int total_entries
int class_distribution []
int total_class_entries
int initalBuildTimestamp = -1

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.MembershipMatrix ( Clustering  foundClustering,
ArrayList< DataPoint points 

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Member Function Documentation

int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getClassDistribution ( int  j)

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int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getClassDistributionByLabel ( int  classLabel)

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int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getClassSum ( int  j)
int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getClassSumByLabel ( int  classLabel)

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int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getClusterClassWeight ( int  i,
int  j 
int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getClusterClassWeightByLabel ( int  cluster,
int  classLabel 

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int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getClusterSum ( int  i)
int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getInitalBuildTimestamp ( )

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int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getNumClasses ( )
int moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.getTotalEntries ( )

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Referenced by moa.evaluation.StatisticalCollection.evaluateClustering(), and moa.evaluation.EntropyCollection.evaluateClustering().

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boolean moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.hasNoiseClass ( )

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Referenced by moa.evaluation.F1.evaluateClustering().

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String moa.evaluation.MembershipMatrix.toString ( )

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