MOA 12.03
Real Time Analytics for Data Streams
moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 GraphAxes ()
 Creates new form GraphAxes.
void setXMaxValue (int max)
void setXResolution (double resolution)
void setProcessFrequency (int frequency)
void setYMinMaxValues (double min, double max)
void setMaxXValue (int max)

Protected Member Functions

void paintComponent (Graphics g)

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes.GraphAxes ( )

Creates new form GraphAxes.

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Member Function Documentation

void moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes.paintComponent ( Graphics  g) [protected]

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void moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes.setMaxXValue ( int  max)

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void moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes.setProcessFrequency ( int  frequency)

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.GraphCanvas.setGraph().

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void moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes.setXMaxValue ( int  max)

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.GraphCanvas.updateCanvas().

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void moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes.setXResolution ( double  resolution)

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void moa.gui.visualization.GraphAxes.setYMinMaxValues ( double  min,
double  max 

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