MOA 12.03
Real Time Analytics for Data Streams
moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PointPanel (DataPoint point, double decayRate, double decayThreshold)
 Creates new form ObjectPanel.
void updateLocation ()
void highlight (boolean enabled)
String getObjectInfo ()
String getToolTipText ()
String getSVGString (int width)

Static Public Member Functions

static Color getPointColorbyClass (int classValue, float numClasses)

Protected Member Functions

void paintComponent (Graphics g)

Protected Attributes

int x_dim = 0
int y_dim = 1
Color col
Color default_color = Color.BLACK
int panel_size
int window_size
boolean highligted = false
double decayRate
double decayThreshold

Package Attributes

DataPoint point

Static Package Attributes

static final int POINTSIZE = 4

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.PointPanel ( DataPoint  point,
double  decayRate,
double  decayThreshold 

Creates new form ObjectPanel.

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Member Function Documentation

String moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.getObjectInfo ( )

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static Color moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.getPointColorbyClass ( int  classValue,
float  numClasses 
) [static]

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.StreamPanel.drawPoint().

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String moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.getSVGString ( int  width)

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.StreamPanel.screenshot().

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String moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.getToolTipText ( )

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void moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.highlight ( boolean  enabled)

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void moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.paintComponent ( Graphics  g) [protected]

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void moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.updateLocation ( )

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.StreamPanel.drawPointPanels(), and moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.paintComponent().

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Member Data Documentation

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.PointPanel().

Color moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.default_color = Color.BLACK [protected]

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.PointPanel().

boolean moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.highligted = false [protected]

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Referenced by moa.gui.visualization.PointPanel.highlight().

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