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Real Time Analytics for Data Streams
moa.classifiers.core.splitcriteria.SplitCriterion Interface Reference

Interface for computing splitting criteria. More...

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Public Member Functions

double getMeritOfSplit (double[] preSplitDist, double[][] postSplitDists)
 Computes the merit of splitting for a given ditribution before the split and after it.
double getRangeOfMerit (double[] preSplitDist)
 Computes the range of splitting merit.

Detailed Description

Interface for computing splitting criteria.

with respect to distributions of class values. The split criterion is used as a parameter on decision trees and decision stumps. The two split criteria most used are Information Gain and Gini.

Richard Kirkby (

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Member Function Documentation

double moa.classifiers.core.splitcriteria.SplitCriterion.getMeritOfSplit ( double[]  preSplitDist,
double  postSplitDists[][] 
double moa.classifiers.core.splitcriteria.SplitCriterion.getRangeOfMerit ( double[]  preSplitDist)

Computes the range of splitting merit.

preSplitDistthe class distribution before the split
value of the range of splitting merit

Implemented in moa.classifiers.core.splitcriteria.GiniSplitCriterion, and moa.classifiers.core.splitcriteria.InfoGainSplitCriterion.

Referenced by moa.classifiers.trees.HoeffdingTree.attemptToSplit(), and moa.classifiers.trees.HoeffdingOptionTree.attemptToSplit().

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