COMP314-09: Software Engineering Project

Course outline


read the Agile Manifesto

SVN help: simply replace "Greenstone" references with your own project reference


21 Oct 2009, in S1.03, some hints

11:00 Team sports coaching tool
11:30 Chemical compounds database
12:00 Conference management system
01:30 Traffic simulator
02:00 Language learning tool
02:30 Running Events Management Tool


Test is on Wednesday 19th August, 3:00-4:00pm. K.G.07, closed book
Test from 2007



Every group will submit the following deliverables.
Every student will also submit a personal record.


Generally, Wednesday lectures are only 3-4pm

First lecture's notes (Monday 13th July)

What I forgot to mention this Morning (Monday 13th July)

Virtuous Cycle

Requirements and Use Cases Chapter 3 Code Complete

Design Chapter 4+5 Code Complete

a few Pattern slides

a few Refactoring slides


google "failed projects"

Source code examples

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