David Bainbridge (Home Page)

My main research area is multimedia systems, with a specific interest in computer music applications. This started with my PhD topic, Optical Music Recognition, and has expanded since working at the University of Waikato.

In conjunction with the New Zealand Digital Library Project I have developed a Web version of my PhD software, called CANTOR, that accepts scanned images of music and returns them in a variety of musically processed computer formats: CSound, MIDI, Lime etc. I have also helped develop a Web version of Rodger McNab's melody indexing software, called MELDEX, where a database of tunes is searched using a sung melody rather than text constrains such as song title and author. More recently this service has been extended to support:

  • Text and melody queries in combination
    • See the 10,000 Folk song collection which can be searched by melody and title, or
    • See the 1,200 Fake book collection which was acquired by processing the scanned pages of the book using CANTOR and can be searched by melody, title, composer and lyrics.
  • MIDI files
    • See the 100,000 MidiMax collection which allows text based searching, or
    • See the more modest 1,200 MidiMini colection which allows text and melody searching.

Other New Zealand Digital Library projects I am involved with are: metadata extraction with Stuart Yeates; the women's history collection with Annette Bainbridge (my wife), Sally Jo Cunningham and Dana McKay; video handling support; a corba interface with George Buchanan at Middlesex Univeristy; and musical theme extraction with Lloyd Smith.

Other projects I have been involved with are: building an oral history collection with Calvin Woodworth; musical image compression with Stuart Inglis; the development of multimedia meeting interface for a digital library collection with Chris Clarke, and investigating the role of radial menus and transparent windows in a graphical user interface with Paul Kennett.

Optical Music Recognition Papers on-line

Melody Index Retrieval Papers on-line

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