Optical Music Recognition

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Over the years various surveys of Optical Music Recognition (OMR) work have been written:

    Blostein, D. and Baird, H. S., A Critical Survey of Music Image Analysis, Structured Document Image Analysis, H. S. Baird, H. Bunke and K.Yamamoto (eds), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1992, pp. 405-434.

    Selfridge-Field, E., Optical recognition of music notation: A survey of current work, Computing in Musicology: An International Directory of Applications, Hewlett, W. B. and E. Selfridge-Field (eds), Thomas-Shore, Michigan, 1994, vol. 9, pp. 109-145.

    Bainbridge, D. and N. Carter, Automatic Recognition of Music Notation, Handbook of Optical Character Recognition and Document Image Analysis, H. Bunke and P. Wang (eds), World Scientific, Singapore, 1997, pp. 557-603.

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