To make use of this browser mod, you need to have user-scripting enabled in your web browser. This is a two-step process:

  1. Install a user-script manager extension/add-in to your web browser. We recommend TamperMonkey, which is available for all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera.
  2. Add the Seaweed script to your user-scripting extension/add-in:

You will probably also want to install the Seaweed search feature. Once installed, this lets you use the quick-search box to your browser to simultaneously search the web (via Google) and the across all the content you have edited via Seaweed. The search feature is implemented using the widely supported OpenSearch platform. In the Quick-Search box to your browser, it should be indicating that there is an additional search option available to install through this page. Click quick-search icon (a magnifying class in Firefox, for instance), and then select from the drop-down menu:

  • Add "Dual Search Google and Seaweed"

If you wish to remove it, this can be done through your browser's preferences page.