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Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
New Zealand

I'm Professor of Computer Science here in sunny New Zealand. I came over years ago from the University of Calgary in Canada.
My interests include
    • Greenstone DL Software
    • New Zealand Digital Library
    • Search engines and society
    • Text mining
    • Keyphrase extraction
    • Machine learning
    • Information retrieval
    • My graduate students
To learn more, consult my
    • resume
    • publications
Here are some
    • talks, presentations, and videos
related to my work.
Look at my dynamic collage!
Or read my birthday book
or ... ask Google
I recently received the IFIP Namur award for "contributions to the awareness of social implications of information technology ... and the need for an holistic approach in the use of information technology that takes account of social implications." Read my article on Digital libraries and society.
This is what it was like on the one rainy day of our sailing trip years ago in the Bay of Islands. From left to right are Tony Smith, me, and Craig Nevill-Manning. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a yacht for myself, Beulah, my pride and joy. Together Tony, Craig and I play jazz: bass, clarinet, and piano respectively.
Here's my family, Anna, me (a thorn amongst roses!), Pam, and Nikki. We've been writing Christmas letters every year for many years. To find out what we do together, dip in!
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