FMIS 2017

6th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Interactive Systems

Organisers: Dr Judy Bowen & Professor Steve Reeves, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Nanjing, China
4th December 2017

The workshop focuses on use of formal methods in the development and analysis of Interactive Systems. The workshop is particularly concerned with issues relating to Human Computer Interaction and to the analysis of interaction in ubiquitous computing environments. In the latter case the complexities of dynamic context, including location and large numbers of interacting entities, pose particular challenges to formal modelling.

Reducing the risk of human error in the use of interactive systems is increasingly recognised as a key objective in contexts where safety, security, financial or similar considerations are important. These risks are of particular concern where users are presented with novel interactive experiences through the use of ubiquitous mobile devices in complex smart environments. Formal methods are required to analyse these interactive situations. In such complex systems analysis and justification that risk is reduced may depend on both qualitative and quantitative models of the system.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from a range of disciplines within computer science (including HCI) and other behavioural disciplines, from both academia and industry, who are interested in both formal methods and interactive system design. One of the goals of this instance of the workshop in particular is to grow and sustain a network of researchers interested in software engineering methods and the development and application of formal methods and related verification and analysis tools to HCI and usability aspects of ubiquitous systems.

The focus of the workshop is, though not restricted to, general design and verification methodologies, which take account of models or accounts of human behaviour, as well as application areas such as pervasive and ubiquitous systems, augmented reality, scalability and resilience, mobile devices, embedded systems, safety-critical systems, high-reliability systems, shared control systems, digital libraries, eGovernment.

Previous Workshops were held in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011. These were located in Macau SAR China in October 2006 (organised by the United Nations University UNU-IIST), in Lancaster in September 2007 (in conjunction with HCI 2007), in Eindhoven in November 2009 (in conjunction with FM2009) and in Limerick in June 2011 (in conjunction with FM2011).


The workshop will run in conjunction with APSEC 2017 24th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China 4-8 December 20167. Participants will be asked to submit a position paper (of up to 4 pages) which outlines how their particular research interests can be aligned with the topics described above. During the half day workshop these will form the basis for short presentation and discussion sessions which will be followed by breakout groups based around topics. It is intended that after the workshop groups of participants will work towards a publication based on the materials provided and discussions from the workshop.

Call for Participation

For more information contact Judy Bowen, jbowen AT