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Ethics Committee, Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Software Development Survey

Research Consent Form

I have read the Participant Information for this study and I understand that I may ask further questions at any time by emailing the researcher.
I also understand that I am free to withdraw from the study before December 30th 2016 by emailing the researcher with my participant number and requesting that my data be removed from the dataset.
I also understand that I am free to decline to answer any particular questions in the study I agree to provide information to the researchers under the conditions of confidentiality set out on the Participant Information.

I agree to participate in this study under the conditions set out in the Participant Information.

I indicate my consent by clicking the "I CONSENT" button below, after which I will be taken to the online survey. If I do not consent I will indicate by clicking the Withdraw button below.

Researcher’s Name and contact information: Judy Bowen, jbowen@waikato.ac.nz