Dad's 70th Birthday Party, Swindon - April 16th, 2005

We had managed to gather the immediate family together in Swindon to celebrate Dad's impending 70th birthday. We started off in the bar for a few pre-dinner drinks, then had dinner and finally retired back to the bar. As you can imagine with any Bowen celebration it was a sober and quiet affair and all were tucked up in bed well before 3am the next morning.

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Mary & Dad
Mary and Dad in the bar
Jan & Georgia
Jan & Georgia also in the bar
Jan, Kev, Stuart & Georgia
Jan, Kev, Stuart & Georgia
Phil Rhys Sophie
Phil, Rhys and Sophie
Phil & Rhys
Oy look at the camera!
Rhys having dinner
Rhys tells his granddad one of his great jokes. Un homme marche dans le bar ....
Rhys & Dad
Dad wins the competition of who can cry first
Family dinner
The family at dinner
Georgia & Stuart
Georgia and Stuart
Dad, Mary, Georgia and Rhys
A collection of grandparents and grandchildren
Jane & Rhys
Jane & Rhys pose while the Dad's sleep
Dad's present
Open the box! Can you see what it is yet?
Dad's present
And the time now, is 1935....
The Bowen's at dinner. Ok ok I know, not all Bowen's but you know what I mean!
The birthday boy coveting the grand mantelpiece and ornaments
Jan & Jude
Sisters, sisters ....
Dad's Birthday Do
Friends - East 15ers
Friends - NZers
Friends - Soho Night Out
Friends - Spencer Hockey Gals
Friends - The Boys
General London Pics
Tottenham vs Newcastle