Some ex-East15ers - April, 2005

After all these years (surely it can't really be 16 years ago!!) here are some of the folks I've managed to keep in touch with. Actually, these are the ones I wanted to keep in touch with!

At Chris's in Leytonstone
Lisa sent to the garden for a ciggie and a cuppa
Chris and Isaac
Chris with Isaac
Lisa Jane Chris
Jane smiles bravely on as Isaac pokes Chris in the knee
Lisa Chris & Jude
The E15 family reunited. Bloody old hippopotamus
Ging Lisa and Jane
Ginger, Lisa and Jane pose while Tony lurks in the doorway
Ging Lisa Jane Tony & Neil
Neil and Tony join the picture
Ging Lisa Jane Jude & Tony
Neil takes over at the front of the camera
Stamperman and Mrs Stamperman aka Paul and Sue at the Italian restaurant where we (eventually!) join them for dinner.
Julie and Will
Julie and Will at home in South Woodford (just round the corner from Ashford Road!)
Lily, daughter of E15ers - can you tell?
And here's Paul!
Paul and Julie
The kids are in bed, Spraggs & Daintryman drink wine and recover
Dad's Birthday Do
Friends - East 15ers
Friends - NZers
Friends - Soho Night Out
Friends - Spencer Hockey Gals
Friends - The Boys
General London Pics
Tottenham vs Newcastle