Earlsfield - April 23rd, 2005

We managed to catch up with a few of the old (oy, who are you calling old?) Spencer girls for a few beers and dinner. Quieter than usual due to the proliferation of babies and exodus from London of many. Sadly Joolz couldn't make it down at the last minute (see previous two reasons) but contributed via txt during the evening. Those present managed to drink an admirable quantity although Jane would like to make it clear that at no time did she attempt to leave with her pint.

Hels Jane
Hels and Jane at the Leather Bottle
Jenny B Wends
Jenny B and Wends
Lisa and Wends
Lisa and Wends (I'll ignore Lisa's fella cos I can't remember his name!!)
Tess and Wends
Tess and Wends
Tess Lisa
Tess daydreams while Lisa snoozes
Joolz text
The miracles of modern technology, Joolz joins us via txt
Lisa Jude
Who knew Italian food could be such fun? Certainly not the woman in the background.
Wends and Jane
Wends explains while Jane eats and listens, really listens.
Jane cleans up her plate, look, here's the proof!
Wends and Jane
Back at Tess and Wendy's, oooh look, a window!
Judy and Wends
Hmmmm, don't remember this being taken !
Dad's Birthday Do
Friends - East 15ers
Friends - NZers
Friends - Soho Night Out
Friends - Spencer Hockey Gals
Friends - The Boys
General London Pics
Tottenham vs Newcastle