Weka Mailing List Etiquette

  • Please do not send conference announcements, call for papers, etc., to the mailing list.

  • Please do not use the mailing list to advertise your publications.

  • Please include relevant text from the original message. Trim it to the minimum, but do not overdo it. It should still be possible for somebody who did not read the original message to understand what you are talking about. This is especially important for postings of the type "yes, I see this too", where the initial posting was dozens or hundreds of lines.

  • If you have a new question, do not reply to an old post, but compose a new email. Otherwise the email will be appended to the thread you were replying to and not starting a new one, which makes it really hard to find that message again.

  • Please do not post messages in HTML format. Use plain text instead.

  • Use some technique to identify which text came from the original message, and which text you add. A common convention is to prepend "> " to the original message. Leaving white space after the "> " and leaving empty lines between your text and the original text both make the result more readable.

  • Please ensure that the attributions of the text you are quoting is correct. People can become offended if you attribute words to them that they themselves did not write.

  • If you are posting code or datasets, then please attach them to your post and do not paste them into your post. Most email programs break lines around that are too long. This makes it tedious for fixing files and getting them in the proper format.

  • Acronyms should only be used for general phrases, like HTH for hope that helps. Otherwise it will make it hard to read the post. See the Cygwin acronym list for more information.

Based on the FreeBSD Mailing List Etiquette.