The following are a collection of software which I find enhances my Amiga no end and recommend them to anyone. If you find any of the programs useful then you should register them to support the Amiga. If people register then developers are more likely to support the Amiga.

I will endeavour to keep the download links to the latest versions of the software available.

An extremely cool collection of icons for your workbench. With ImageDrawers to help make scanning for the correct directory easier. Register this piece of software, you won't be disappointed.
Download Demo

Magic User Interface (MUI)
Some people hate this program but I really love it. It may slow down your machine a little bit but it gives you a very flexible and attractive interface. It is lets you create interfaces in a fraction of the time it did before when used in conjunction with MUI Builder.
Download User Files, Download Developer Files

MUI Builder
Create those MUI interfaces easily with this GUI Builder. You can test your interface at anytime to see what it looks like and how it might behave. If you use MUI for your interfaces then you have to get this, it will make your life so much easier.

This is the definitive commodity for your Amiga. It has tons of features like screen blanking, snapshots, a window and screen manager, and many more.

Want to run Mac programs? Then you should register Shapeshifter. It is a Mac emulator and will run as fast as your Amiga will let you. The more powerful your Amiga then the fast the Mac emulation. You will need a graphics card if you want to run it in anything more than 2 colours, but it is perfectly usable in black and white.
Download (might be a bit slow)

Need a better shell? Then get KingCon. It will do everything the Amiga shell can do and more. The best feature of this shell is the tab-filename completion, where you specify a part of the filename or directory, hit the tab key and the rest will be filled in for you.

Voyager Web Browser
A very nice web browser which supposedly supports the HTML-2 standard and some HTML-3 tags. It does look very nice though and version 1.0 is absolutely free. It's like Netscape for the Amiga but it doesn't crash like Netscape does. The demo of version 2 is excellent, as it handles frames and tables as well as other new features introduced by Netscape.
Download V1 Download V2

IBrowse Web Browser
Another excellent web browser which supports all of the HTML standards. It uses MUI as its interface and so is very configurable and it looks great.
Download Demo

TCP/IP Stacks
If you are going to connect to the Internet then you are going to need a TCP/IP stack. This will alow you to run your web browser on your Amiga and connect through an Internet service provider. Currently there are two really good TCP/IP stacks: AmiTCP and Miami (Miami is MUI based).
Download Miami

Want to add your favourite programs to the tools menu? ToolManager will do this as well as letting you create tool bars with icons for your favourite programs so all you have to do is click on them to start them.
Download, Download ToolManager Graphics

An X windows emulator for the Amiga. Now your Amiga can act just like an X terminal.
Download Demo

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