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Official Amiga Homepage
Official Amiga Technologies home page.

Amiga Web Directory
The most comprehensive collection of amiga information and links on the net.
Another place to get the latest news in the Amiga world.

Phase 5 Digital Products
Check out the latest Phase 5 products including info on the Cybervision 64/3D and the PowerUp project. The new PowerPC accelerators will have a duel processor system consisting of either an 68040 or 68060 and a PowerPC processor. I can't wait, I'm salivating right now!

FutureNet Publishing
Publishers of Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper magazines.

Aminet Archive Site
Get the latest amiga shareware software from here. Complete WWW interface and it's pretty fast as well.

National Amiga
You want used and new amiga hardware and software? Check out the National Amiga web site with online catalogs and weekly specials. This is one of the major dealers on the Internet.

VapourWare Products
This company produces some of the best internet software for the Amiga. Check out their products with the free demos available.

SASG International
Home of the very excellent sortware packages, MagicWB, Magic User Interface, MagicCX, and more. It is also a really cool site to look at.

CompKarori's Amiga Pages
Want to be able to buy amiga stuff in New Zealand? Then check out CompKarori's Amiga pages. They have lots of hardware and software for sale at reasonable prices. They also have info of amiga users around New Zealand. If you are an amiga fan and live in New Zealand then get yourself put on the list.

Team 17 Home Page
Programmers of some great Amiga games like Worms, Alien Breed, Alien Breed 3D, and Alien Breed 3D II - Killing Grounds.

Amiga Cheats Page
Need some cheats to get past those frustrating places which you can't solve or you keep getting killed all the time? This site contains a huge amount of cheats for many Amiga games. Chances are the the cheat you are looking for is here.

New Zealand

Search NZ
A New Zealand wide search engine. Great for searching for info in New Zealand only. Also cost saving if you get national traffic for free.

New Zealand on the Web
An excellent source of New Zealand information. Mainly to promote tourism it has a lot of information relevent to everyone.

Stimulus Classified Advertising
Want to buy and sell goods throughout New Zealand? Check this out.

New Zealand Press online
Get your daily dose of news from New Zealand and around the world online.


An India based search engine.


NSSDC Photo Gallery
A brilliant gallery of photos about our solar system, other interstellar objects, and astronomical objects and spacecraft.

Planetary Sciences at NSSDC
Check out the latest information on some of NASA's projects like the Galileo probe, the latest info on life on Mars, and many others.


Paramount Pictures Online
Check out the latest releases from Paramount pictures.

Universal Pictures and Television
Latest release information from Universal Pictures as well as info on new and old television series.

Sony Pictures
See the latest from Sony Pictures.


Carling FA Premiership
The official home page of the Premier division of the English Foorbal League. Get the latest results of your favourite team as well as club information and player profiles. Be sure to check out the Liverpool page, one of the best clubs in the world :-)

The home of Cricket of the Internet
Want to see how badly England is doing? This site gives you the latest cricket info from around the world with detailed information about each game played on tour.

Official ESPN internet site
Get the latest scores in information on NFL, NHL, NBA, Soccer, and more.


Marathon Hyperarchive
The largest collection of Marathon resources in the world. Download utilities, maps, editors, sounds, and more for all versions of Marathon.


Page Counter
Want a page counter for your own home page for free? Then this site is offering a free counter service to test their counter server.

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