Remco Bouckaert

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Bayesian networks in Weka.
There is some user documentation in pdf format and on line. Now with Bayes network editor GUI!

Erdos number: 3

3: Enrique Castillo, Remco R. Bouckaert, Jose M. Sarabia, Cristina Solares: Error Estimation in Approximate Bayesian Belief Network Inference. UAI 1995: 55-62

2: E. Castillo and J. Galambos. Lifetime regression models based on a functional equation of physical nature. Journal of Applied Probability. 24:160-169, 1987.

1: Erdos, Paul; Galambos, Janos , Asymptotic distribution of normalized arithmetical functions. Proc. Am. Math. Soc. 46, 1-8 (1974).

GPU programming

Matrix inverse with CUDA and Cublas. Invert a 10.000x10.000 symmetric positive definite matrix in under 15 seconds on a NVidia GTX 280 card (14.38 seconds will do). source code . Also contain matrix inversion through Gaussian elimination for nxn matrices.

Other open source projects

BEAST 2: MCMC and evolution libraries for Bayesian phylogenetic analysis.

Snap: a Beast 2 add on for inferring species trees directly from SNP and AFLP data.

Xtal Mountain

Check out ShoXS, a Shorter XSL Syntax.