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Bayes Network GUI

The Bayesian network editor is a stand alone application with the following features
$\bullet$ Edit Bayesian network completely by hand, with unlimited undo/redo stack, cut/copy/paste and layout support.
$\bullet$ Learn Bayesian network from data using learning algorithms in Weka.
$\bullet$ Edit structure by hand and learn conditional probability tables (CPTs) using learning algorithms in Weka.
$\bullet$ Generate dataset from Bayesian network.
$\bullet$ Inference (using junction tree method) of evidence through the network, interactively changing values of nodes.
$\bullet$ Viewing cliques in junction tree.
$\bullet$ Accelerator key support for most common operations.

The Bayes network GUI is started as
java <bif file>
The following window pops up when an XML BIF file is specified (if none is specified an empty graph is shown).



Remco Bouckaert 2008-05-12