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Tools menu


The Generate Network menu allows generation of a complete random Bayesian network. It brings up a dialog to specify the number of nodes, number of arcs, cardinality and a random seed to generate a network.


The Generate Data menu allows for generating a data set from the Bayesian network in the editor. A dialog is shown to specify the number of instances to be generated, a random seed and the file to save the data set into. The file format is arff. When no file is selected (field left blank) no file is written and only the internal data set is set.


The Set Data menu sets the current data set. From this data set a new Bayesian network can be learned, or the CPTs of a network can be estimated. A file choose menu pops up to select the arff file containing the data.

The Learn Network and Learn CPT menus are only active when a data set is specified either through
$\bullet$ Tools/Set Data menu, or
$\bullet$ Tools/Generate Data menu, or
$\bullet$ File/Open menu when an arff file is selected.

The Learn Network action learns the whole Bayesian network from the data set. The learning algorithms can be selected from the set available in Weka by selecting the Options button in the dialog below. Learning a network clears the undo stack.


The Learn CPT menu does not change the structure of the Bayesian network, only the probability tables. Learning the CPTs clears the undo stack.

The Layout menu runs a graph layout algorithm on the network and tries to make the graph a bit more readable. When the menu item is selected, the node size can be specified or left to calculate by the algorithm based on the size of the labels by deselecting the custom node size check box.


The Show Margins menu item makes marginal distributions visible. These are calculated using the junction tree algorithm [9]. Marginal probabilities for nodes are shown in green next to the node. The value of a node can be set (right click node, set evidence, select a value) and the color is changed to red to indicate evidence is set for the node. Rounding errors may occur in the marginal probabilities.


The Show Cliques menu item makes the cliques visible that are used by the junction tree algorithm. Cliques are visualized using colored undirected edges. Both margins and cliques can be shown at the same time, but that makes for rather crowded graphs.


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Remco Bouckaert 2008-05-12