FM in NZ

Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
New Zealand

27th July 2004

Rohit Bansal, IIT, India
Judy Bowen, University of Waikato
Jin Song Dong, National University of Singapore
Lindsay Groves, Victoria University of Wellington
John Hamer, University of Auckland
Martin Henson, University of Essex, U.K.   
Petra Malik, University of Waikato
Robi Malik, University of Waikato
Ali Pouyan, University of Birjand, Iran
Greg Reeve, University of Waikato
Steve Reeves, University of Waikato
Jing Sun, University of Auckland
David Streader, University of Waikato
Mark Utting, University of Waikato

0845-0900 Steve Reeves
Welcome and Introduction

0900-0930 Judy Bowen
Formal Specification of User Interface Design Guidelines

0930-1000 Jing Sun
Formalizing and Analyzing Feature Models in Alloy

1000-1100 Jin Song Dong
Timed Automata Patterns: Projections from TCOZ and
Formal Methods and Semantic Web

1100-1200 Lindsay Groves
A Practical Lock-Free Queue Algorithm and its Verification

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1330 Greg Reeve
Monotonicity concerns with µCharts

1330-1400 David Streader
Causal Process Algebra

1400-1500 Martin Henson
nZ---a wide-spectrum logic

1500-1530 Ali Pouyan
Application of Formal Methods (Petri nets) for designing Industrial PLCs

1530-1600 Mark Utting
An Overview of the Community Z Tools Project