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14th June 2001

The next issue of the Journal, which has just gone to the printers, will be a special in which we feature the six best papers from the recent Research Students' Conference at Canterbury University.


After a brief hiatus in publishing, the New Zealand Computer Society is pleased to report that the New Zealand Journal of Computing (NZJC) is being re-launched, and the current issue (volume 8(3), June 2001) will appear later this month. We expect to produce two (regular) issues a year.

The current issue is a special covering the Computer Science Research Students' Conference, held in Christchurch in April 2001. See here for details.

Articles and papers for publication in future issues of the Journal are hereby invited.

We aim to produce a publication which includes, broadly, two sorts of item:

articles, which report on events, give information about research projects or generally talk about items of interest to the computer science community. These articles will be vetted for relevance, standards of presentation and so on, but will not be subjected to the usual peer review process expected of academic writing. We particularly encourage the submission of brief tutorial articles on your field of expertise. Think of this section as your opportunity within the NZ community to publicize your accomplishments and raise interest in your field;

research papers, which will be peer reviewed to the usual international standards and which should report on the results of research projects which have a particular relevance to a New Zealand computer science audience. The results of scientifically conducted surveys within New Zealand, which may not be of interest to those in other countries, would make a good subject for such a paper.

By including these two classes we hope to produce a Journal which has a wide readership and a wide set of contributors.

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Submission guidelines

Both articles and papers must be submitted electronically to one of the editors (addresses below) as Word RTF files or as LaTeX2e files.

In either case you MUST use the following templates and keep to them absolutely.

A template Word file is available here.

The LaTeX things are: nzjcart.cls, a class file for the overall style; nzjc.bst, the style for the bibliography; example.tex, an example file that uses the correct style; papers.bib, a very short bibliography.

(All the hard work on this LaTeX stuff was done by Paddy Krishnan from Canterbury.)

Any submissions not adhering to these templates will not be accepted.

Please note that if you include complicated diagrams (which use lots of shading etc.) or if you include photographs in your paper we will probably ask you to think again—such figures do not re-produce well. To get an idea about whether a figure you want to include will look OK in the published version, photocopy it and see how it looks. If the photocopy is OK, the final version will probably be OK too.

We can't do anything will colour—so please don't use it!

Please make clear whether your submission should be viewed as an article or a paper (see the definitions in the previous section).

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Submissions should be emailed to, as should any enquiries about the Journal.

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Sally Jo Cunningham
Steve Reeves
Co-editors, New Zealand Journal of Computing