ZUM07 at ICECCS07 in conjunction with FMinNZ07

New Zealand

11th July 2007

Supported by....

Z User Group

Formal Methods Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato



All talks will take place in Room Eng3403. Please see the ICECCS 2007 web site for location details.

As with previous ZUMs, the central concern will be to have presentations and discussions about Z-related issues. As something of a centre-piece we will have a session on CZT, as well as the usual presentation slots for papers. This is also the second FMinNZ workshop, which brings together researchers form New Zealand (and the wider world) to talk about ideas, results etc. from the broader formal methods stage (see this for the first workshop in this series).


Welcome and organisation

0900-1000 A Unifying Theory of Undefinedness
Jim Woodcock (University of York)

1000-1030 Contexts and Observations--a bridge between formal methods
David Streader (University of Waikato)

1030-1100 Using Formal Models to Design User Interfaces - A Case Study
Steve Reeves (University of Waikato)

1100-1130 Tea break

1130-1200 An approach to deriving concurrent programs
Lindsay Groves (Victoria University Wellington)

1200-1230 Model Checking Nonblocking Concurrent Data Structures
David Friggens (Victoria University Wellington)

1230-1300 Practical use of real numbers in Z
Tuan Nguyen, Fiona Polack, Susan Stepney, Ian Toyn (University of York)

1300-1400 Lunch break

1400-1430 Transforming Z with Rules
Mark Utting (University of Waikato)

1430-1500 Conflicts and Projections
Robi Malik (University of Waikato)

1500-1530 Refinement Considerations for User Interface Designs
Judy Bowen (University of Waikato)

1530-1600 Tea break

1600-1630 CZT
Mark Utting and Petra Malik (University of Waikato)

1630-1700 Feature Refinement
Steve Reeves (University of Waikato)

1700-1730 An Update on the ISO Z Standard and Tools
Leo Freitas (University of York)

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