Re: basic question about MHC/HLA and antibodies

From: Karim Vermaelen (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 02:56:54 EST


I would just like to correct my misconception about the cellular
restriction of MHC class I molecules, as Ian Nicholson just mentioned to

"Just thought I should point out (with respect) that human platelets
do in fact express class 1 Ags. Indeed, in some situations there is a
clinical need for HLA matched platelets (class 1) where patients
anti-HLA Abs."


Ian Nicholson
Victorian Transplantation and Immunogenetics Service"

Thanks for the correction, Ian

Karim Vermaelen wrote:

> In humans the main MHC class I subfamilies are HLA-A, HLA-B and HLA-C
> (e.g. HLA-B27): these are present on virtually all cells of the body
> except RBC and platelets.
> The main MHC class II subfamilies are HLA-DP, -DR and -DQ (e.g.
> HLA-DR4). MHCII molecules are only expressed on APCs (DCs, B cells,
> M-phages, thymic epithelium) and sometimes in other cells under
> certain inflammatory conditions.
> In fact the HLA nomenclature refers to the gene encoding for the MHC
> molecule. Every individual has all these genes, but each one in a
> specific "version". Some "versions" are typically linked with a risk
> for certain auto-immune diseases (e.g. HLA-B27 in spondylarthritis,
> HLA-DR4 in rheumatoid arthritis). HLA-A,B,C version typing is also
> used to determine how far donor and acceptor tissue match prior to an
> organ transplantation.
> Traditionally, to detect MHCII on APCs, one uses an anti HLA-DR
> antibody (we use the ones from BD; they have them in FITC, PE, PE-Cy5,
> APC and biotin).
> Hope this basic info will help you somewhat
> Karim
> Maciej Simm wrote:
>> Dear group,
>> I'm trying to read up on the topic of antigen presenting. One of the
>> topics that gives me trouble is the nomenclature. What I know and
>> learned about as MHC class 1 and MHC class 2 are often referred to
>> as
>> HLA in reagent catalogs.
>> I was looking for reagents that would distinguish between MHC I and
>> II and found HLA class I and that was easy. But it seems there are
>> many reagents for HLA class II
>> My question, - what if any, is/are  a good general reagent/clone
>> that
>> would detect MHC class II for professional APC's ?
>> thanks for any insights,
>> Maciej
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