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A page of my Likes, my "Top Ten" recommendations, my CD Wishlist and some Useful Links.

What kinds of Music do I like?

Everyone says that I have a weird (or if they are being nice, eclectic) taste in music. Just because no-one else around here has heard of "The Pookah Makes Three" doesn't make them weird (YAY! Someone else in the world knows about them, and is an even bigger fan than I! So there!), and so what if I did buy it off the local student radio station because they wouldn't play it - obviously it wasn't alternative enough for Contact (Honest!). And anyway, if the music I liked was more popular, it wouldn't be as cheap in the sale bins.

So I will now concisely define my music tastes... I am currently in love with electronica, mostly trance, ambient and world-inspired. I like brit-pop, some manchester, lots of 80's new wave, and new romantic. I also like Mike Oldfield, some prog-rock, and some grunge. I dabble at the edge of jazz, but can't stand free jazz & extended widdle solo's. I hate motown, diva, slow-jam (toe-jam), boy group and female singers.

There, simple really.

Recommended listening.

Here is a list of stuff you should listen to (and hopefully like):

My CD wishlist.

Here it is, a wish list of CD's that are unavailable in NZ and I desire. If anyone has a copy of them (on CD) that they want to part with, or know where one can be found, please let me know.

Useful Music Links

Well, there you have it then.

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