My first short story

As an easter egg, you can read my first ever short story.
Please excuse my spelling and punctuation - this is as it was typed by me.

"Look Before You Leap"

by Tim Elphick
31 July 1980

The tabby cat stretched and let out an enormous yawn. It bounded off to catch some food. The cat felt ravishingly hungry, so hungry in fact, that he could eat a horse. (although he would not be able to catch one he still thought so)

As he prowled through the enormous forest of grass he saw a rat. Not an ordinary rat but a big fat rat all ready for eating.

The sight of food made his mouth water with starvation. He waited, tense, and then sprang on the innocent victim...... He snatched it with his claws, he tore it apart, and then devoured it. But, something black was also eyeing the rat, furious at the cat catching its prey first.

He grabbed the cat and bit its jugular vein, squirting blood everywhere, slowly draining life blood from the cat until it died. .......................

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