Māori Language Computer Resources:

Instructions on how to set you computer up to easily type the macron character:

Instructions on how to download and run interfaces in Māori

[E mihi atu ana ki a Mike Bell mō te kōnae tuatahi, a Dr Maaka Laws mō ngā konae Mac me Tara Mauriohooho mō te whakahou i ngā kōnae nei.]

Google's Translator Toolkit (can be used for te reo Māori)

The Macroniser (checks texts and file for correct macron usage)

A .dic (dictionary) file that can be used with Micosoft Word to allow Māori language spell checking:

Maori.dic (text file 365KB)

A quick link to Microsoft Office Products in Māori:

Office in Māori

Windows in Māori

Glossary used in Microsoft translations

I have a word list, stored as an excel spreadsheet, that contains over 74,000 computer terminology translations.
It is derived from a whole bunch of different sources.
It is pretty large, over 13.5 Megabytes.

If you'd like a copy, drop me an email and I'll arrange to get it to you.

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